August 11, 2020

Africa’s first Economic War leader, Lambert accuses Western Dev institutions of enslaving, exploiting Africa

Africa's first Economic War leader, Lambert accuses Western Dev institutions of enslaving, exploiting Africa
Charles N Lambert

When the Europeans came to colonise Africa, our forefathers thought they came to make our lands better, not knowing that they were about being trapped into a lifetime economic and political slavery.

The fearless African Economic activist, Charles N Lambert, who’s also the leader of Africa’s first Economic War aimed at liberating millions of Africans out of poverty has come out to accuse Western Development institutions of exploiting and enslaving Africans.

According to Lambert, up to date, these people still enslave and take advantage of African continents in the name of offering helps to the most vulnerable and underdeveloped countries in Africa.

They pose as financial organisations, institutions giving loans to businesses and governments but you will realize that what they do is for their own selfish interest and when your decision does not give them a higher percentage, they pull out from helping you, Lambert said.

When a former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo was still in power, he realized that Nigeria could make money, be sufficient in the production of chicken and better its economy if it invested in poultry, with his many years’ experiences as a farmer, Obasanjo placed a ban on importation of chicken so that Nigeria can be sufficient in that and grow its economy.

The former president informed one of his counterparts John Kufuor who was then, the president of Ghana who wanted to do the same but there were reactions from the International Monetary Fund, IMF and World Bank, warning that the law cannot be implemented.

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Following the threat, president John Kufuor stopped the bill from being passed because if he had done so, the Institutions would have cut off its support for Ghana.

Now you see the wickedness of these institutions who pose as African helpers, you understand that they are only here in Africa to exploit and for selfish reasons. They want Africans to remain dependent if not, why would they threaten to cut off help for a country that decided to do something to be sufficient without importations?.

Millions of people in the world’s poorest countries remain imprisoned, enslaved and in chains. They are trapped in the prison of poverty due to the wickedness and selfishness of these institutions.

Many  African countries today have to allocate a good part of their budget to pay off international debts collected through IMF and the World Bank.

Africans must fight now to break out from the hands of these people because the amount of exploitation and looting by these institutions in Africa is enough to build Europe again, this is according to a report by Transparency International.

The institutions are mainly manipulative tools used in keeping Africans down from developing its own economies and businesses.

Africans believe they have independence today but that’s just an illusion, Africans are still enslaved by the imperial powers through these institutions hindering development.

Africa must stand against all levels of slavery, manipulations in the name of help, just like former Nigerian President Olusegun did by banning the importation of chicken into the country, he controlled that without fears.

We must put a stop to importations and start producing in Africa. The black Wall street through the Economic War led by Charles N Lambert has provided a platform to build a new Africa we can be proud of. An Africa that allows inter-trading, production and circulation of made-in-Africa products within Africa. An Africa that does not only give a man fish but teaches how to catch the fish as well.

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The Black Wall Street is the only stock exchange system in the world that is 100% Risk-free because you only invest in companies through points gained from regular consumer product purchase.

It is so important to join the Black Wall Street in fighting Africa’s first Economic War as it is aimed at lifting millions of Africans out of poverty and repositioning and reclaiming its trade and economic structures from the hands of the Western Development Institutions.

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