The landscape of love, sex, and dating, as we have always known it, has been tremendously impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, the virus has not only impacted the way we interact and conduct business activities but also penetrated the sphere of love and intimacy.

Prior to the onset of coronavirus, we took simple signs of affection for granted, but now, hugs and handshakes are rare. Scenarios of togetherness and intimacy have been disrupted by isolation and distance, and relationships that were knotty pre-pandemic, look even shakier now, and may even crumble post-pandemic.

Amidst this catastrophe, we explore whether domestic travel now, and international travel later, can help rekindle relationships that have already gathered dust or are gathering dust during these trying times. Tourism is hit severely now, but as our Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigeria already has a Marshall Plan to resurrect the industry.

So, here are five ways by which travel can resuscitate you fading intimacy: 

  1. Take a Break 

Travel allows you to take a break from everyday life and enjoy quality time with your partner. In most relationships, particularly those in their twenties, thirties, and forties, dating or being married means working in parallel with other demanding situations such as work, bringing up children, and studying, all of which can result in neglecting the once burning intimacy.

Traveling together to Rome to see the mythical St. Peter’s Basilica, or in Morocco to witness the beautiful Jardin Majorelle, or in Kenya’s Masai Mara to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration may be a perfect way to get away from everything, relieve stress, and spend quality time with your partner. Experts indicate that traveling together and spending time together is a vital ingredient for a healthy and longer-term relationship. 

  1. Create New Memories Together 

When you travel together to new places, it’s highly probable that you’ll create wonderful and unforgettable memories that will only be unique to you. The fact that you create these unique memories together can make your relationship better and firmer.

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Whether positive or challenging experiences, coming through these mutual experiences can make your value each other more than you do now. Research studies also indicate that reminiscing is not only great for your relationship but also for your health.  

  1. Share New Hobbies and Familiarities 

Many relationships die because commonalities and camaraderie that brought you together start to dwindle. Touring new places, whether domestically or abroad, allows you to try new experiences or even create new hobbies that can, in turn, revitalize your love.

For instance, if you book a Kenya safari to the Masai Mara, you can learn Swahili or the Maa language, and relive these moments long after getting home. You can also try a hot air balloon safari, go for night game drives, walking safaris, and more. If you visit Italy, Dubai, located in the Middle East, you can try scuba diving and other water sports that you never experienced before. On a trip to Italy, you can take cooking classes, and develop a unique recipe together. You can also learn basic Italian together or tour the Vatican City.

On a romantic vacation in India, you’ll get a chance to learn about their beautiful culture and way of life. You can explore their world famous cuisines and species, or learn one of their 22 scheduled languages including Telugu language, Hindi, Tagalog, Gujarati, and more.

You will not only be learning new hobbies and experiences that can benefit you in the long-run, but you’ll also be creating priceless moments with your partner. As noted previously, new experiences and memories with your partner can really help invigorate your intimacy. 

  1. Create a Sense of Trust & Cooperation 

Traveling together is not only an idyllic way to experience new stuff and create longstanding memories, but it is also a great way to deepen your trust. You’ll be visiting somewhere new far from home; perhaps you are even visiting a different country where you’ll be unfamiliar with the local language.

This will mean that you’ll need to depend on each other to get through the vacation. Solely depending on your partner for help, company, and strength will require trust, which will build stronger the longer you stay together on your travel and post-travel. This will be a fantastic way to renew your intimacy, as experts suggest that couples who trust each other more have more fulfilling relationships.

Besides trust, planning, and actually traveling together will involve you in making decisions together. The entire experience from idea, planning, and eventual adventure will teach you a valuable lesson for a successful relationship; cooperation. Working together is vital for a happy and healthy relationship. It also helps in building trust.

  1. Build Your Intimacy 

As mentioned prior, busy life brought about by everyday responsibilities can really get in the way of your sex life and intimacy. Traveling together and vacationing will give you a chance to reawaken not only your intimacy, but also a chance to try new and exciting things. Leaving your hometown or country can be very useful for intimacy building because the change of settings can have a healthy effect on your psychology.

Relationship couches and couple therapists reveal that traveling with your lover is set out on an escapade together, where you can explore the wonders of the universe and dare to be in the unknown circumstances. This simple act may have a long-lasting impact not only on your emotional intimacy but also in maintaining excitement and sexual pleasure in your relationship

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