July 17, 2020

Zainab Akingbehin Oeuvre designs launches ultra modern showroom

Zainab Akingbehin Oeuvre designs launches ultra modern showroom

Zainab Akingbehin is the Creative Director/CEO of Oeuvre Designs, a Lagos based Interior Design company.

She launched out Oeuvre Designs in 2015 and over the years she has gradually moulded a brand that is one to reckon with amongst her international counterparts.

She got her diploma in Interior Designing from the Decor Creative Academy based in the UK and Nigeria,  also affiliated to Decor and Rainbow Nigeria. In her early years she studied business Administration from the university of Abuja and North American University Benin Republic respectively.

Zainab believes that interior designing is not just a business, but its the study of human behaviour and how they best interact with their space which is an overview of all what Oeuvre designs is all about.

Zainab is one of the advocate of harnessing the potentials of Nigeria furniture business as most of her pieces are made in Nigeria, with a great detail of sophistication, she believes ” The country is however gifted with its resources which enables local production of furniture which are sophisticated and top notch.” All furniture pieces and designs are originally made by Oeuvre Designs.

Furthermore, she acknowledges the problems associated with producing these said pieces in Nigeria, “With this i must say comes with its own challenges as there are creatives to bring these ideas to life but seemingly lack the motivation to. For instance the artisans, they often run behind schedule if not properly monitored. Also work ethics are in most cases obviously lacking. The problems are however inevitable as an entrepreneurial venture but we are thankful for the growth.”

In June 2020, she Launched her Ultra Modern Showroom in Lagos Nigeria. The Showroom would afford clients and various customers both locally and internationally access to numerous pieces and designs from Oeuvre Designs. The Showroom was carefully designed to make every guest and visitor that walks in feel Cosy.

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In recent time, Zainab Akingbehin Creative Director/CEO Oeuvre Designs has changed and revitalised the face of Interior designs in Nigeria. Oeuvre designs has brought a new splash of excitement to interior designs in Nigeria. They have successful carried out Projects in Dubai, Lagos, Abuja, Kano Akwa Ibom, Port Harcourt and other major cities and locations in and outside  Nigeria.

A multiple Award winner, Zainab Akingbehin has won numerous awards locally and internationally. In 2020, she was listed as100 Most Influential Young Leaders in Africa by the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation in Dubai, UAE.  Also in 2019, Zainab was listed as one of the 30 Global Young Leaders at the AFRO-EURO Youth Leadership Summit in Banjul, Gambia.

Her accomplishments as an entrepreneur also earned her an Award from Young Entrepreneur International Summit (YEIS) as Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Accra, Ghana.