By Lanre Opanuga

While Medicine was in the past described as an ancient, noble and learned profession and rated highly only behind the clergy, it does appear that the physicians of the latter days especially in Nigeria have lost the huge social responsibility associated with entrusting the lives of the citizens in their hands.

While not all deaths emanating from the care of a patient cannot of necessity be attributed directly to a physician’s negligence to which the Medical Council has the prerogative to adjudicate upon; same cannot be said of a death which emanated from care resulting from a physician unlicensed to provide care WITHOUT the supervision of a senior doctor.

Such is the case of Dr. Anu Adepoju the owner of Med-Contour Hospital and Laser Center who carried out a specialist surgical procedure of liposuction and fat transfer on beauty queen Nneka while undergoing her internship as a Pre-registration House Officer at the General Hospital, Lagos in Dec 2018.

The patient subsequently developed complications which finally led to her death at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital in 2019 after spending some weeks in the Intensive Care of the Hospital.

Her death sparked off a number of social media protests demanding for justice while a number of other clients who had been living with complications of procedures carried out by Dr Anu Adepoju have surfaced in the social media. Amidst all these complaints, the victims of Dr. Anu’s practice had approached a number of government regulatory agencies- The Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), the Health Facility Monitoring & Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA) and the Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC).

While the HEFAMAA in 2019 was forced to seal off the facility in 2019, Dr. Anu in defiance of the agency opened in another location in the same vicinity under the name Med-Contour Aesthetics and continued her operations. The final step taken however was the closure of the new facility by the FCCPC following Dr. Anu’s failure to honour an invitation to appear before the FCCPC following public complaints.

In a swift response, Dr. Anu approached the leadership of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Lagos branch to complain about FCCPC’s illegality for sealing her practice, the NMA leaders in response and without appropriate due diligence vilified the FCCPC for venturing into a territory in the preserve of the MDCN! This, however, did not go down well with prominent members of the State Executive Council of the NMA who argued that the Association also has a responsibility towards the citizens in ensuring patients’ safety and social justice.

Today the body of a young promising Nigerian lady lay cold in the grave as a result of the grave act of indiscretion exhibited by a Nigerian doctor, lecturer and consultant surgeon who unleashed into the society an unqualified personnel.

Lanre Opanuga wrote from Lagos


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