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Francis Agoda AKA I Go Dye

By Ayo Onikoyi

Popular comedian and social commentator, Francis Agoda, famously known as I Go Dye has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians to resist the Senate in stalling the special public works programme of the Ministry of State for Labour, Employment and Productivity under the watch of Festus Keyamo, to reduce unemployment for Nigerian Youths.

I Go Dye made the call through an open letter addressed to the President and Nigerian Youth. He said it was his duty as an Ambassador for Good Governance Human Resources and Development  (GGHRAD).

The letter reads in part : “This nation has suffered  so much, most especially the youths who are faced with unemployment, which the Senate has not solved or advocated for any social support programme to empower them.

Nigerians would have applauded the Senate if they were deliberating that the salaries of twenty thousand that will be paid is too small and are working to see a further expansion of the programme, instead of attacking the process of implementation. As Ambassador for Good Governance Human Resources and Development  (GGHRAD) I want to remind the Honorable members of both Houses of the National Assembly, that until they pass a law for  sustainable social welfare policy that will cater for all Nigerians, they will not be celebrated.

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We can’t continue to allow a set of people, to ridicule  Nigerians with  a pretentious impression that they really care for us.

For three months now, Nigerians have been on a partial lockdown and the Senate have not deliberated on any means to assist Nigerians with any financial support.

This Honourable Senate should have been awake to it’s responsibilities, by appealing  to the Presidency that Nigerians ought to be  empowered during the last three months, but they have not deliberated on any kind of social support to any Nigerian, even the funds  donated since Covid 19 pandemic  have not been implemented to the knowledge of Nigerians.

This is a project for the masses and the leadership class of  senators should not try to control it,  because of their personal desires to hijack it into a political party affair or to sabotage it since it wasn’t their idea’s , when they have failed to advocate for social support for Nigerians.”

The humour merchant reiterated the importance of employment to the Nigerian youths and begged the Senate not to truncate it while admonishing the Honourable Minister of Labour, Employment and Productivity, Keyamo to come forth with better clarification on the implementation of the National Directorate of Employment recruitment exercise.

He said, “I urge all Nigerians to resist the Senate in their quest to stop or influence the process of empowering Nigerians. I also admonish the Honourable Minister of State for Labour to clarify this issue ,to the overall understanding of Nigerians, so that they may not be misguided into any false claims, he also has a duty to maintain his good standard and reputation and  do all within his best, while institutions and individuals working to achieve this goal should make sure ,it does not fill it up with ghost workers, while those who are suppose to benefit will be excluded from the process. We all should  ensure that the project is fully implemented.”

“The senate and Mr President must do everything humanly possible to activate this project as part of the promises they made  to Nigerians, since this process has been placed under the office of the Honorable Minister to the benefits of Nigerians,” he added.

The Minister and the Senate had a frosty session that led to exchange of caustic words on Monday at the Hallowed chamber over the NDE recruitment exercise being proposed by the Minister.


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