July 12, 2020

Gratitude: Moment of inspiration (Video)




By Fola Ladipo

This is appreciation, thanksgiving or being thankful. Being pleased with what someone did for you or the result of what was done for you.

Gratitude causes healing because it stems from positive emotions. It helps us relish good experiences, deal with adversity and also help build strong relationships. It helps us live with hope, help us believe.

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Being grateful or show of appreciation is not just unto God, we appreciate everyone around us, those in our lives, our family, friends, spouses, children and colleagues in our workplace, even employees.

Now, appreciation or gratitude shouldn’t just be about what people do for you, appreciate them for being part of your life.

When we are less appreciated, we feel empty, it seemed like there is a vacuum and even a feeling of no sense of fulfilment. Also, sometimes it is important who appreciate you, the word “Thank You” motivates so greatly, especially when it comes from the least expected and at a time it was not expected. I engaged in a conversation with someone, Mr Oyeyinka Olawunmi, who said there is no disparity of gender or class or status when it comes to appreciation. To him, appreciating everyone around in your immediate world helps create impact thereby motivating them to do more than required.

Your word can turn a life around; our attitude of gratitude makes a great difference in our lives and the lives of those who are affected by it.

The world is ailing, many are sinking in their loneliness, so many are longing for that word of approval from a generous heart that appreciates what gratitude can do in turning lives around.

Just maybe, a jilted lady would not opt for suicide if she felt appreciated; a medical student might not have killed himself if he was appreciated for efforts he had put in even if he failed some courses. That marriage would have been saved the horror of going through with divorce if one or both the couple appreciated each other enough.

We all tend to focus so much on the challenges we face in life, we think about the health issues, the business that is not working, the various problems we are surrounded with, that we fail to see the grace we enjoy, the gift of life and so much more. Many we started the journey of life together are no more. Your grace might be safety in the face of calamity, some might be a provision in the midst of lack or scarcity, it could be good health. Whatever it may be, forget in a moment what is happening around and focus on Gratitude. And know that gratitude with the right attitude determines your altitude.

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