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July 9, 2020

FCT Health Secretary tests positive for COVID-19

FCT Health Secretary tests positive for Covid-19
Dr Kawu on his hospital bed

By Omeiza Ajayi

ABUJA: Acting Secretary, Health and Human Services Secretariat in the Federal Capital Territory Administration FCTA, Dr Mohammed Kawu has tested positive for Covid-19.

The office is the equivalent of a Health commissioner in the states of the Federation.

Speaking with journalists from his sickbed at the Asokoro District Hospital in Abuja, Dr Kawu, explained that his journey to the isolation centre began 12 days earlier when he experienced feverish conditions, a development which prompted him to take the Covid-19 test which turned out positive.

He said; “I want every Nigerian as I have always told them in the media, to know that this thing is real and anybody can be infected, especially those of us that are in the frontlines. The disease can be fatal and it is important that everyone follows all the extant guidelines of hand washing or sanitizing, maintain physical distancing, wearing of facial coverings and staying at home”.

On the challenges of being a frontline health worker, Dr Kawu said the major drawback was infecting members of their families at home. He said that his family members who are infected are also being managed within the FCT system.

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Speaking on his symptoms and status of his health, Dr Kawu said “I am happy and I thank my creator that mine was moderate infection. I got some symptoms that were not very severe. I had to be on intravenous (IV) drugs for about 10 days. I am stronger now. Probably they will discharge me anytime soon”.

He commended the attitude of health workers to their jobs saying; “I noticed one very important thing; there is so much commitment by the health workers, they are very committed, very patriotic. They are risking their lives to protect society.

“So, my appeal to everyone in the society is that we must all be part of this fight against the Covid-19. Everybody must take personal responsibility to ensure that he or she protects his or herself and his or her family,” he concluded.

The FCT has 7 isolation and treatment centers across the Territory. 6 of them are public facilities while one is privately managed.

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