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Developing agric sector in Nigeria needs commitment — Eatrich Boss

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By Moses Nosike

It is no doubt a globally accepted fact that agriculture sustains human existence. In its most basic form, agriculture ensures that there is food on the table and cloth for an average citizen. Hence, it has been described as one of the biggest and most profitable sector in the world.

To bring it closer home, Nigeria is one of the countries that needs agriculture to grow its economy, even as it contributes a staggering 22 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), more than any real sector of the economy. Also, it remains the single largest employer of labour in the Nigerian market, and a money spinner for smart investors.

However, if properly planned for, many Nigerians yearn to tap into this huge goldmine to diversify their investment portfolio and generate residual income. Now those into it have not found it easy because agricultural sector in Nigeria has not developed.

Following this background, in 2016, Eatrich Farms has carved a niche for itself to become a solid investment platform for Nigerians. Since established, Eatrich Farms has worked through the entire agriculture value chain ranging from planting, harvesting, processing, packaging and retail, and is poised to deploy this knowledge for the benefit of investors/partners.

According to CEO, Ambassador Sam Afolabi, Eatrich is not just another agriculture company, it’s a story. “Eatrich emanated from stark experience of the challenges bedevilling agricultural practice in Nigeria and is committed to changing the narrative through strategy deployment of technology. I grew up in a family where my father and mother were raised as core farmers.

I remember in those days where I used to follow my mum to the farm during school vacation. We worked practically all day on the farm all through my university education. Yes, I have a background in marine engineering but immediately after my university degree, I realised that the best way for me was to go back to the farm.

“However, because I saw my mum go through the stress of farming and how agriculture had been painted to be unattractive for young Nigerians, I wanted to tell a new story with agriculture, to let people know that agriculture can be profitable because it was indeed profitable even though mum and dad struggled with finances to grow to scaling. So I said, ‘how do we combine technology with agriculture such that it is profitable and it is scalable?’ And that is what we did with Eatrich Farms.”

Green Africa Project (GAP)

Responding to the yearning of many Nigerians, the company has rolled out many investment channels to enable Nigerians sit in the comfort of their homes while their money multiplies right before their eyes.

The Green Africa Project (GAP) is one of many projects handled by Eatrich Farms to further its goal of feeding the future with freshness starting now. The company created this project to maximise investment and minimise risk, with the end goal of improving socio-economic situations through agriculture.

Eatrich Farms has compartmentalised the GAP city into three different phases based on its well worked-out plan for eachyear: the Phase One focuses on Fish Farm, the Phase Two on Chicken and Turkey Farm (Livestock), and the Phase Three on Pig Farm. Other investment channels with the company are the Maize Farm and the sold-out commercial-scale Feed Mill, among others.

However, the Fish Farm (Phase One) is currently active and seeking investors/partners.

Investing with Eatrich

Through experience garnered in every facet of the agriculture value chain, Eatrich has positioned itself as an agro company of choice for Nigerians seeking a reliable, secure and profitable investment platform. The company bridges the gap between serious but busy investors/partners and their desired investment in agro space.

In the Phase One of GAP city, through its unique and disruptive model, Eatrich promises over 400 per cent Return on Investment.

Afolabi explained, “What we’re saying is that we’ll set up a fish farm for you with a one-time investment of N9.5 million.

“Each investor has nine (9) ponds, and each pond has 800 fishes. Invariably, you’re going to have 7,200 fishes at harvest. Every circle, we get to harvest 7,200 for you. Sold at market price of N700 each that is good money.

Every harvest, you earn N1 million. And a fish farm circle is six months. So, in a year we’re going to have two circles. With a one-time investment of N9.5 million, you’re going to be earning N2 million every year for 20 years.

“However, in the first year, we’re going to have to spend six months in set up. So you’re going to earn for just one circle, which is N1 million. But from year two to year three, you’re going to earn N2 million for each year. So in total you’re going to be earning N39 million with a one-time investment of N9.5 million.”

Investment security

All investments with Eatrich are insured by LeadwayAssurance and projects are handled by committed Eatrichpersonnel that have requisite skills and cognate experience.

Benefit to GAP investors

GAP investment is smart, safe, and profitable. Eatrich is a company that puts its investors/partner at its core. In the last four years, the company has remained committed to not just satisfying investors/partners but amazing them.

So convinced have investors/partners been that some have actually expressed regret not investing more. With a unique and disruptive model, great track record, experienced and committed staff, and insurance cover by Leadway Assurance, Eatrich is a company that “under promises and over delivers”.



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