July 10, 2020

Delta: Aghigho, Ugbokoko are Obodo communities – Obodo leaders

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Obodo, a community in Warri South Local Area of Delta has emphasized the ownership of Aghigho and Ugbokoko Communities against insinuations in a publication on the Vanguard newspaper of Wednesday, July 1, 2020 by the leadership of Omadino Federated Communities.

Obodo which consists of Aghigho and Ugbokoko Communities are stating that they neither belong to nor are they constituents of the Omadino Federated Communities.

Their position was contained in a statement jointly signed by Pa Samson Amadedon, for Olara Aja Obodo community, Pa John Izuagie, Secretary, Elders Council, Obodo Community, Chairman, C.W.C Obodo Community, Julius Obah and Secretary C.W.C Obodo Community, Egbemiye Stanley.

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They said that as much as they commend the effort of the Itsekiri communities in fighting for their rights in that article titled “Delta Communities To Buhari: Address Our Demands Within Nine Days Or Face Shut Down Of Oil And Gas Industry”, their inclusion of Aghigho and Ugbokoko Communities in the Omadino Federated Communities was wrong and false.

According to to them, “while we do not intend to join issues with the authors of the foresaid news item on the content of the publication as we recognize their rights to speak for their communities as well as the fact that Itsekiri communities and their indigenes have been actually marginalized in the scheme of things with regards to the oil and gas industry as rightly stated in the publication, we wish to correct the false and wrongful inclusion of Aghigho and Ugbokoko communities, amongst the so called Omadino federated communities.”

“Let it be known that the Aghigho and Ogbokoko communities are part and parcel of Obodo communities and do not belong in anyways to Omadino communities, neither are they constituents of the Omadino federated communities.”

“This correction has become necessary so that no one will be left in any doubt/ or misled into believing that Aghigho and Ugbokoko communities are part of Omadino lands as the publication under reference tends to register.” The statement read.