HBP, diabetes commonest among COVID-19 patients who died in Lagos — MD, IDH…Urges NCDC to partner community leaders

 By Chris Ochayi

Authorities at the Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, has lamented that refusal by residents to tested positive to COVID-19 disease to relocate to isolation centres was responsible for daily rising in figures of persons infected by the deadly pandemic.

The Chairman of AMAC, Mr. Abdulahi Adamu Candido, who made the disclosure, while addressing newsmen on the state of the pandemic in the area Council, regretted the disease was spreading due to failures by some infectious persons to heed to the advice by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, to isolate.

Mr. Candido, pained by the ugly trend, however, challenged Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, to collaborate with community chiefs, leaders, with a view to broaden the scope of sensitization the rural and urban communities on dangers of the pandemic.

He also reasoned that such synergy would assist the agency to fish out recalcitrant positive persons that are rejecting the NCDC protocol to proceed on isolation

The AMAC boss explained that the Area Council under his leadership swung into actions almost immediately the outbreak of the disease in Nigeria, by liaising with traditional rulers, religious sects

Hon. Candido, said all the executive and other council officials who tested for the COVID-19 recently, came out with negative results.

“ 22 of us tested negative to the novel disease added, “That is why I said about 22 of us test negative to the coronavirus.

“In the last three months or so, all of us you see at the AMAC secretariat are essential workers who are within the range of level 14 upward. Any other officers from level 13 downwards don’t come to office in the last three months.

“But the essential workers in the Council’s secretary office were all tested and they came out negative. And that makes up the list to be 22. And secondly, in her home, her husband and the children all passed through the test and I think they are also awaiting result any moment from now. We are just like very sensitive.

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“We are too concerned and the family also took part in the test in order to know that they are also safe at home.”

He stressed further that, “When I think the NCDC officials through the community testing process have been up and doing visiting Communities and making random test.

“And I want to believe that the NCDC today can be in the better position to tell you the location that they have so far visited. But like you know, AMAC happens to be the Area Council that has the highest rate of this in this index case is possibly because of the population and because of the squatter locations we have surrounding the city centre.

“However I want to also let you know that the NCDC having undergone some of this test have actually identified people who are positive in nature.

“It is unfortunate that the residents who came out positive in particularly in this location have failed to listen to the invitation by the NCDC even after testing them as positive asking them to go to ACDC becomes a major problem.

“Because when they conduct test on you, they will take your data your phone number we also been the data from, unfortunately the moment they call you and tell you that you are so and so, the moment they tell to report to the isolation centre that will be the last time that such a number work again.

“So instead of open up to say let me go for my health, let me be sure of what I’m passing through and  let me get better, they will hide, they will refuse to go.

“And so they keep infecting friends and family members and that is why we are still having these high index cases. But for instance, I don’t think it’s a crime, it will never be a crime for just like we did, voluntarily because we came face-to-face with it here.

“And because of my status having interacted with this lady who is a principal officer, we felt it was very necessary for us to undergo the test, because never can we tell what exactly she has gone through.

“And having undergone, see now, we are free to say, okay we are negative.  What we did is to take proactive steps to maintain the same status and live our life the way it supposed to be, as simple as that.

“On the positive persons avoiding isolation centre, he said, “We have already related with the traditional institutions not just relating with them, we are trying to even ensure that for every community leader who aided and albeit a covid-19 positive person, the government will not take it likely with him.

“And therefore, we are already in touch with these community leaders because they are primarily in custodian of their people, so they know them.

“And I will wish to add that for every community that is visited for testing the NCDC should first and foremost approach the community leader and should get in touch with any positive person the community leader should know because if they don’t know they may not actually know the person that tested positive.

“But as far as the area Council is concerned, we are already in touch with our own people and we have already directed them to ensure that should there be any infected victim in their own community and he refused to go to the isolation centre, they should report such person to the Area Council.

“So that area Council can go out for such a person and then and forcing him to the isolation centre straight away. And of course, we have also disinfecting our secretariat

“This weekend, we took time to further disinfect our secretary by making sure that where we are right now is properly disinfected and you are safe.”



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