July 13, 2020

Covid-19: Group provide soaps for handwashing

soaps for handwashing

By Dennis Agbo

AS a means of encouraging compliance to the World Health Organization, WHO, protocol on Covid-19, South Saharan Social Development Organization has distributed 10,000 soap bars to over 1, 400 vulnerable households in Enugu state.

Executive Director of the organization, Dr Stanley Illechukwu said that the soap drive is an initiative aimed at getting to various parts of Enugu state while creating awareness on COVID-19 as well as making provisions available for families that cannot afford soap.

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Illechukwu noted that their goal was to help people cultivate healthy practices that would, in the long run, result in habits that are sustainable even beyond the pandemic.

Each household was given six tablets of soap with the intention to see them consistently wash their hands for over a month and hence cultivate the habit.

Speaking at one of the venues of the exercise Illechukwu said before “The drive also affords a unique opportunity to educate the beneficiaries on the importance of wash and personal hygiene, health education, as well as the recommended WHO handwashing procedure, which included a seven-step and 20 seconds procedure.

“Beyond hygiene, it was also a time to equip the beneficiaries with the right information on COVID-19, which includes understanding the pandemic and necessary safety measures.

“You could literally see their faces come alive when they were presented with the soaps, and they were more than willing to learn more on how to protect their families from the pandemic.”

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