July 22, 2020

COVID-19: ECOWAS Parliament speaker encourages citizens not to lose hope


In spite of the rise in COVID-19 infections and death rates within the sub-region and beyond, Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament Rt. Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis has urged community citizens not to lose hope.

Tunis while declaring open the Second Extra-Ordinary Session of Parliament via video conference said that even though no vaccine has been discovered as yet, ‘the picture was not all gloomy’.

He insists that although the World was still grappling to control the spread of the virus, medical personnel were already mastering the different stages and administering the right treatment.

“The picture of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is not entirely gloomy.

“Admittedly, infection rates are growing daily and deaths are still being recorded from complication associated with the virus. Furthermore, the world is yet to find neither a cure nor a vaccine for the virus.

“In the course of treating patients, however, our dedicated medical personnel are continuously learning the behavior of the virus across the globe, our sub-region inclusive.

“Doctors are becoming more familiar with the nature of complications that lead to death. Consequently, they are working towards ensuring that they treat symptoms as they appear.

“They have also identified certain existing drugs meant for other ailments to assist in limit damages to infected patients.

“With this continuous knowledge of the behavior of the virus, doctors are optimistic that death rates of infected patients will reduce in the next coming months since there would be improved management,” he said.

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He called on all community citizens to continually commend and pray for medical personnel who are risking all to care for the sub-region.

Tunis further admonished citizens of member state to strictly abide by the health protocols, including hand washing, use of sanitiser, social distancing and limiting unnecessary movements.

He called on his colleagues, Members of Parliament to encourage those whom they represent to help themselves by adhering to the health protocols and all non-pharmaceutical measures.

“These non-pharmaceutical measures will immensely assist in limiting the spread of the virus and hence accelerate our transition away from the pandemic.

“We should encourage our people to help themselves and not rely on the Government for a daily reminder of the safety protocols.

“The period of this pandemic has remained a trying period for us all. “The economic effects are yet to be determined, since the pandemic is still raging.

“I am, however, hopeful that with collaboration and togetherness, we shall come out free and tell the story one day,” the Speaker said.

Tunis hinted that Parliament will consider a lot of referrals during its session, assuring that the views of the people will be reflected in all its decisions.


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