July 10, 2020

Church of Satan denies Abia’s Lucifer

Church of Satan denies Abia’s Lucifer

Ifekwe Udo

Ifekwe Udo

By Rasheed Sobowale and Ugochukwu Alaribe

The Church of Satan has denied affiliation with the founder of Assemblies of Light Bearer Greater Church (a.k.a Church of Satan) in Abia State.

The Church of Satan in response to a post by Vanguard that Ifekwe Udo, popularly known by locals as “Lucifer”, and the Church of Satan founder in Abia has been arrested stated; “That’s not the Church of Satan, and he has nothing to do with us or Satanism. The group is called the Assembly of the Light Bringer. Please stop spreading misinformation and leave us out of this.”

Lucifer was arrested by the Abia Police Command for his alleged involvement in the burning of a police station in Ohafia.

Following his arrest, youths of the community summoned courage and stormed the church, demolishing the various images located in the compound.

The residents of Ebem, Ohafia town expressed their joy following the demolition of the Church by irate youths, claiming they were afraid to confront the founder because of alleged possession of evil powers that could kill anyone who challenged his activities.

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He was alleged to have converted some youths of the area to his church by assisting them with motorcycles for commercial business (Okada) and other forms of empowerment.

A youth leader in Ohafia, Egwu Ibem, told Vanguard that “everyone in Ohafia knew” the Abia Church of Satan founder, “Ifekwe Udo did not mean well for Ohafia community with the nature of activities he was involved in.

“He was a bad influence on the community, especially our youths. Some of the youths started joining him because he was empowering them with motorcycles for Okada business.

“There are reports that he used charmed (juju) on his followers. He also established a brothel in the community.”

Vanguard gathered that the Ebem community erupted in celebrations as the various graven images were being demolished.

Vanguard News Nigeria.