By Okenwa Kennedy Onyema

“You do not need money to make money, you need financial education.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Very few people understand how cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology are going to affect their lives, their future, and their financial security. Currently, the price of bitcoins and other cybercurrencies (cryptocurrencies) are rapidly rising.

In the past decade, bitcoin has proven to be the most important asset that is rewarding. According to Forbes, Millennials remain confident that bitcoin will be a useful investment in the near term, with 44% of them in one survey saying they’re likely to buy bitcoin in the next five years and 47% trusting it more than the big banks.

As blockchain technology and cybercurrencies rose in popularity within the last 7 years, big tech and financial companies like Facebook, PayPal, Square’s Cash App, Visa; begins to move towards this direction and continues to arouse the interest in crypto investment and crypto trading world wide.

Recently, the notable financial educator, Robert Kiyosaki, predicted that in the next 3 years bitcoin will be worth $75,000 as against the current worth. On May 16, 2020, he announced his investment in gold, silver, and bitcoins for reason that they are more rewarding investment.

But aside bitcoin, we have in recent times seen other cryptocurrencies like ethereum and other cybercurrencies grow so rapidly leading to an increased investment in it, with many financial teachers suggesting crypto trading as a worthy investment.

According to an article by Robert Kiyosaki, he said “if you’re seeking new and exciting opportunities to achieve your financial dreams, then the world of cryptocurrencies might be a great platform for you to explore. Just know that the future of this marketplace is entirely unpredictable, prices are fluctuating daily and it’s a total gamble at this point, so before you jump in, get educated”.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interests” – Benjamin Franklin.

The limitations in accurate knowledge for blockchain technology and crypto trading is the foundation on which Trading7club is built on. In, we teach the *principles* behind blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading. We don’t teach *methods* for crypto trading. Methods are largely limited because they are not sure to work in all conditions. They are variables and as such give irrational explanations.  Principles are bound to achieve the same result in all conditions, it allows for flexibility as long as they are understood. Principles talks about the most important things that are necessary for a result, they are rational explanation of how things work.

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In Trading7club, we don’t teach you “How I made $5,000 from crypto trading”, we teach “How to make $5,000 from crypto trading”. This makes you able to repeat the same result often, even for higher targets. We may suggest methods to you, however, our emphasis are on the principles that ensures getting result.

Some of the opportunities, which the understanding of the principles behind the working of blockchain and crypto trading, offers you include;

  1. i) The opportunity to work as a market technical analyst
  2. ii) The understanding of how the crypto market works, this gives you the privilege to predict when the value of each crypto will rise or fall.

iii) To understand the strategies most crypto smart contracts and crypto investment platforms work on. This helps you make good decision about which to invest in or even how to create yours.

  1. iv) The knowledge of the great encryption security making blockchain technology impenetrable and safe from malicious attacks. This makes crypto one of the safest financial assets as its free from cyber attacks once stored safely. is an E-learning platform that empowers its members via knowledge, to maximise the opportunities in crypto trading and investment. We offer various educational packages that are top-notch bitcoin and altcoins trading tools and investment protocols.

Our educational packages are of 6 Ranges and 2 sets;

  1. i) *Set 1- Starter packages for beginners and newbies*
  2. ii) *Set 2 – Advanced packages for old traders*

According to the package type, the prices varies with the least costing $30.

As a marketing model to increase the sales of our packages, we leverage on multi level marketing, it is based on this we developed multiple compensation plan so as to reward our members.

It is note worthy to emphasize that this is not in anyway a pyramid scheme or a smart contract. Like many other companies; Luno, Binance, Skrill, Trustwallet, Longrich, Oriflame, Forever Living, etc., this is our marketing model to help increase our membership and in return reward our members for their support.

Our business Uk registration number is trading7club-limited–11615522

To register, know or understand more about us, visit our site at or chat us on WhatsApp via 08155101992 or email us @ [email protected] for any inquiry or our course contents according to the various educational packages.

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