July 29, 2020

BC records entertainment worldwide launches ‘BC talent contest’

BC records entertainment worldwide launches ‘BC talent contest’

US based internationally acclaimed music and talent management company, BC Records Entertainment Worldwide & NaijaBerry Entertainment are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to empowering emerging African music talents with the platform, funding and education needed to thrive in the highly competitive and lucrative music market.

The music giant in an attempt to further enhance the growth of African music on the global stage launched the “BC Talent Contest”, an initiative directed towards scouting, recruiting, developing and helping promising youngsters in their pursuit of a music career success.

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The laudable initiative which was launched on May 15, 2019 recorded thousands of entries from rising artistes across the African continent which was was trimmed down to 20 selected applicants after thorough scrutiny by the A&R arm of the company.

At the final stage of the #BcTalentContest, three winners emerged namely: Johnson Chinyelu (Mr juggernaut), Taofeek Otuniyi (Dameel Brown), Kalu Enyinnaya (Yungice Cold). These three have been signed on to the record company.

In a chat with our correspondent, the CEO of BC Records, Mr. Babatobi Ige said, “My greatest goal is to make Africa proud, push the African genre of music across the globe through the voices of young emerging talents. There is also the desire to empower these gifted youngsters with the platform to convert their talents to earning power…I can’t wait for the World to hear the collaborative joint from our debut artistes”.