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When three of the world’s most distinguished names in human growth, coaching and empowerment –  Renowned Speaker, Bestselling Author, Emmy-Award winning Television Cohost and Relationship Expert, Michelle McKinney Hammond; Acclaimed American author, speaker, and life coach associated with global individual and corporate brands including Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Robert Downey Jr etc., Tim Storey; and celebrated behavioural change and transformational catalyst, recognized for pioneering the life coaching industry in Nigeria, Lanre Olusola – come together to to equip people with the right mindset to navigate the present times and create the future they desire, you’re sure to experience life-changing impact.


From entertainment legends to professional athletes, fortune 500 organisations; executives, entrepreneurs and more, these three masterminds have traveled round the world and continue to inspire people from all walks of life. In this exclusive interview with Vanguard, they talk about the Uncommon Mindset and how to ignite change and overcome some of the underlying problems of our lives, especially at this time.


By Victor Ajihromanus


You have such strong life message that you have been delivering around the world and now with the Uncommon Mindset series which started in June. What has been the feedback so far and why do you think people should equip themselves for the days ahead?


Lanre Olusola: Most people have been thankful for how apt and timely our messages have been in this covid-19 crisis especially because it related with all the top challenges that people today are going through and their top most concerns about their immediate future.

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The decisions we made yesterday influenced our actions and set the stage for our experiences today. So, it only makes sense, that if we want to experience positive, fulfilling, happy, prosperous, peaceful and successful futures, then we need to learn the principles that will help us; recreate, redesign and live our desired future.


Michelle McKinney Hammond:  I’ve been told that the things I’ve been sharing with my audiences have literally been a life-line for them. It has helped them to think critically and have clear strategies for moving forward. It has empowered them not to give in to fear but calmly assess, redefine and reposition their career path to flourish in spite of all the challenges they face.


Tim Storey: We have received lots of great feedback. People from all over the world are learning to change how they see, live, and engage with the world around them. They’re learning to not conform to the norm (or even the new normal), to not allow circumstances or setbacks to dictate their purpose and success.


How did three of you, from different countries come together to create the Uncommon Mindset Series?

Olusola: There is nothing as powerful as an idea, concept and purpose whose time has come.

There will never be a better time to speak to and help people address their mindset issues, also it’s the right time to help people get unstuck and transition from survival to success (the process of metamorphosis). God knew ahead what his children’s pain points and needs on earth would be at this very difficult covid-19 times and he found it necessary to connect all 3 of his messengers, with different messages and give us the mandate to go help him sort people out spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, relationally and financially


McKinney Hammond: Tim and I have been friends for years and always wanted to do something together. Lanre is my personal coach. I thought it would be a powerful combination if we could combine our specialties and skill sets to create something no one else is offering. So we decided to come together. Combining insights from a Practical, Spiritual and Psychological base, we holistically equip others to incorporate all of who they are to maximize their potential to function at their highest level.


Storey: Even though we’re joining in from different spaces around the world, the truth is, the individuals we work to inspire, teach, and strengthen are all very similar. We found that our message was similar, but our insight and experience was unique. Us coming together allows for a greater opportunity of perspective for those joining in.


What are some of the unhelpful ways people often respond to setbacks like we are experiencing with the covid-19 pandemic and how can this be turned around?


Lanre: Lack of emotional intelligence to the pandemic is creating emotional crisis: emotional crisis is a cry from deep within about a perceived uncontrollable situation this creates a state of anxiety, worry, fear, depression, and overwhelming stress.

In these kinds of situations there are important principles to be aware of

  1. a) Breathe
  2. b) Get the complete facts and be honest with yourself
  3. c) Take back control of your thoughts and actions
  4. d) Be patient with yourself and trust the process


McKinney Hammond: Giving into fear. Feeding on the wrong information incessantly. Growing hopeless or even worse, paralyzed. One has to recondition the mind to cancel out the mindset of limitations and instead see the endless options and possibilities. This state of mind liberates you to literally reinvent your life. It gives you flexibility to forge new ground professional, personally and relationally.


Storey: People often sit, settle, and cement themselves in their setback. They become overwhelmed and quickly lack motivation to succeed in even the small things. We need to remember during these times, a Comeback is not a go back. We can’t try to make things look like they were. Listen, learn, and lean into what your purpose looks like in this new season.


You are coach to many influential people and organizations. How are you able to provide value to such high performers consistently?


Lanre Olusola: By helping them identify and embrace their unique identity and essence; become authentic and original; live their own lives by creating and focusing on their own vision and mission; by being the best version of themselves thereby finding happiness, experiencing daily satisfaction, fulfillment progress, prosperity, and peace.


McKinney Hammond: Value is already resident in the people I coach. I just take them on a tour of themselves so that they discover the answers they already have but weren’t able to locate. This doesn’t’ happen just once because each new discovery and possibility blossoms into something else and creates different streams of expressions and opportunities that emerge as they take the steps necessary to be productive and fruitful in all their endeavors. It’s exciting to watch people expand their horizons and live their dreams.


Storey: Influential people realize there is no ceiling. There’s always another level or opportunity to succeed, learn, and grow. The message is just as relevant to just starting out as it is those with their logo on the side of their jet.





The second part of the Uncommon Mindset series is taking place on the 1st of August themed Metamorphosis – Birthing Your Next, Taking Your Life to the Next Level. What is the concept of metamorphosis and how does it relate to the new normal we now find ourselves living?


Olusola: It is important for us to know that; the greatest opportunities in life, business and career are hidden in the greatest crisis and challenges; light shines brightest in the deepest darkest. People’s progress, growth and success are always hindered by the way they see the problem. Change can only come if you change your habits, thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, behaviors, associations and actions. finally change for optimal living is synonymous with the metamorphosis process.

Tim Storey


McKinney Hammond:  A beautiful caterpillar emerges and flies from a very dark place. The temptation to see this season as a dark place is prevalent. However, we must realize we are simply in cessation, in position for a rebirth! That is exciting news. The possibilities are endless if we can embrace the process of becoming rather than getting stuck or going into denial about where we really are. Before the caterpillar is crawling, but the butterfly soars on the wind. It allows itself to be carried to new heights never before experienced. We can too if we are open to the process.


Storey: When people look at a butterfly, it’s easy to forget the caterpillar. Metamorphosis is a process. Most people want to be a huge success right away, but don’t understand that there is a process. We must learn to prosper where we’re planted, because today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.

What role does goal setting or having a vision for the future plays in the contemporary times and what effect will it have on this Next Level?


Olusola: I like this quote by Les brown, “life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner”. Whatever you behold and believe, you become. Without a clear vision and planned goals, people go nowhere.


McKinney Hammond: You cannot effectively move forward without a specific goal and clearly defined focus. The way a GPS device works is the destination must be inputted in order to give direction. Going with the flow is a poetic thought that leads to nowhere. What you see is what you get, therefore one must have a vision to work toward. We stand still and perish without one.


Storey: You must have a plan, a purpose, and a passion. But you must also understand that those things shift, evolve, and grow along the journey. Set your goal, map your steps, and strive for small successes each day.


How will the Uncommon Mindset Series coach people on how to determine what their thing in life is? How do you help them figure out what it is that they want to do in this Next Level?


Lanre: Together with 4 globally renowned speakers; Michelle McKinney Hammond, Tim Storey; American marketing and advertising genius, Tom Burrell; and Ghanaian lawyer and united nations international elections expert, Charlotte Osei, we will all be speaking on 5 powerful topics that will help participants blossom in crisis so they can transform to their desired futures.


McKinney Hammond:  Uncovering inherent passions coupled with gifting is what we aim for. For every problem a person sees they have to realize they can be part of the solution. People pay for solutions. People need solutions. What has to be defined once you discover how you can be the solution to a need is now developing strategies for making what you have to offer effective, profitable and fulfilling.


Storey: Your purpose has been there all along. Your purpose has been trying to speak to you. Learning to listen to what your purpose is saying, and looking for opportunities to live out your purpose is what helps define your next steps.


A lot of people have set aside their goals and now focusing on just surviving 2020 owing to the devastating effects that this novel coronavirus has had all over the globe. For those set of people how does an Uncommon Mindset come in handy for them?


Olusola:  The top reasons why people are switched from focusing on succeeding in 2020 to mere survival in 2020 is because of fear, worry and anxiety. These emotions have the power to sabotage, paralyse and shut people down emotionally, psychologically and even biologically. Without the right mindset and psychology, it will be impossible to achieve anything significant. The uncommon mindset aims to equip participants to learn how to thrive in these extremely challenging times; strategies to succeed during and after the covid-19 pandemic; how to find and create opportunities and financial stability in the midst of chaos; survival, success and significance tactics to unlock new possibilities in their finances, career and business


McKinney Hammond: There will be life after Covid and now is the time to prepare for it. Be ahead of the game not lagging behind or trying to play catch up in the last hour. Not only is there a need to productively occupy and implement new plans, now it is critical. Success happens when opportunity meets preparation. The time is prime for fine-tuning dreams and latent goals. Timing is everything and this time has given us a reprieve from the usual hustle and bustle to have time to do what needs to be done in order to have a solid plan in place.


Storey: There are times in history when the entire world feels a setback. That’s what 2020 feels like for many. Wearing a mask, social distancing and sanitizing everything doesn’t change your purpose. Your purpose is not subject to physical circumstances, but how you live out your purpose is. We must find new ways to fulfill the purpose within us. This series is a great example. We didn’t allow this pandemic to change our purpose, we just found a new way to share our message via Zoom and other technology. We got creative within the setback.


So what message do you have for those who are facing tough times, lost their jobs and means of livelihood?


Lanre: TRY – Time to Re-Design Yourself. Reinvent yourself, and re-introduce yourself to YOU and the rest of the world.


McKinney:  Your greatest time to be alive is now! Take the opportunity to become entrepreneurial or pursue new opportunities in your field. To gain new skills and equip yourself for your next! There is always a next. What you see as a stop sign is merely a yield sign pointing to a new direction. Remain flexible to new ideas. Be willing to shift. Embrace change. New possibilities. New ways of operating. A new normal awaits us. It’s time to cast off old ways of doing things. You’ve been freed to begin again and write your own script. It’s up to you to master your life!


Storey: I’ve met with people all over the world, from billionaires to the unhoused. We all have a purpose, a calling, a unique gift, no matter what circumstances you are in. We must look for opportunities to live our purpose out. Sometimes life knocks the shout out of us, but we have to look for things to shout about. Find ways to get our shout back.


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