July 24, 2020

4 sisters tricked from Abia by prostitution mafia, rescued in Niger Republic

By Bashir Bello

Despite the clampdown travelling for prostitution abroad, the activities of human traffickers appear to be spiking by the day, claiming more victims with tales of agonies and woes.

This is because the perpetrators are always devising new strategies to win the hearts of their victims and lure them into the illicit trade. This was the same in the case of Dodo, (not real name) who fell victim and was deceived with a promise of a lucrative job in Libya.

Dodo, a hairstylist in Abia State, was doing well in her chosen career and was making between N10,000 and N15,000 daily when her aunty lured her away with a promise to fix her in a more lucrative and dignified job in faraway Libya.

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And she fell for the bait. Dodo was told by her aunty she could earn up to N70,000 or more in a day from the same business but in Libya.

Not only did the woman convince Dodo, but she took along her three sisters for the journey, not knowing they were being herded into a deadly prostitution ring and turned into sex machines in Libya by the woman.

She said on the fateful day, they left their homes without telling anybody about their movement, as they were strongly warned by the woman not to divulge the information to anyone.

She said they were also asked to leave all their mobile phones and SIM cards behind at home, while a single small phone was bought for them to avoid being traced.

Dodo, who spoke on behalf of others, said: “We are hairstylist. I make hair for N1,000. Our aunty (a sister in the same village) called from Libya that we should come to Libya to work there and make more money easily.

“But when we asked through what means of transportation we would get to Libya, she told us it would be through the road.

“She arranged for us to travel from Abia State to Kano to meet one Alhaji, who would in turn facilitate our journey from Kano to Libya. We did not suspect any foul play and decided to move to Kano from Abia.

“While on our way from Abia to Kano, our aunty and the Alhaji were communicating on what would happen to us. She instructed us to call the Alhaji once we reach Kano Motor Park and we finally linked up with the Alhaji through the small phone she bought for us.

“As we arrived Kano, the Alhaji sent his driver to pick us from the park to his house. But we noticed that there were so many people in the man’s house (both males and females), who were waiting for their own turns to travel ‘abroad’.

“We were first taken to Katsina and later to Niger Republic. It was at that point that security agents started arresting everybody. We are now rescued back to Nigeria. We are happy we were rescued and returned to Abia State,” she concluded her experience with the prostitution mafia ring.