June 4, 2020

My female fans love me – Actor, Stephen Damian

My female fans love me – Actor, Stephen Damian

Hunky and handsome Nollywood actor, Stephen Damian is on his way to imprinting his name on the landscape of Nollywood having had some blockbusters movies to his name.

His talent, looks and charm are some of the attributes the 6ft 2inches former Mr Nigeria contestant, has in his arsenal. In this interview with Vanguard he opens up on the journey so far in the movie industry.


Who is Stephen Damian?

Well, Stephen Damian is a Nigerian actor, he is 6ft 2inch tall, and originally from Anambra State, Oyi local government precisely. He was born on September 26th 1992 in Onitsha, Anambra State but grew up in Yaoundé /Cameroon and Minna, Niger State. He studied maths-statistics/ computer science at the University of Benin.

What’s your journey in Nollywood been like?

My journey in the Nigeria film industry has been great and I have God and the producer, Emeka Duru to thank for it. Emeka Duru gave me my first opportunity in 2016.

How many movies have you featured in so far and their titles?

Honesty, I’ve done so many movies and TV shows that I can’t remember but I’ll tell you that I’ve featured in blockbusters like; The Wedding Party, Mad About You, Disguise, Papa’s Gone Mad, Sabotage, Washerman, Sting and many more.

Any regrets being an actor?

No regrets.

Apart from acting, what else do you do?

I have some few businesses that I’m currently working on.

Let’s talk about your looks, how do female fans react when they see you?

(Laughs out loud) I’d like to think that I’m not a bad looking guy and I think my female fans would agree, because when I encounter them, they are always very complimentary, kind and ask for pictures.

Just pictures?

Ha! Just pictures oh; or what else should they ask for? (Laughs).

Most memorable experience with a female fan?

Few years ago I was at a gas station to buy fuel during the fuel scarcity period, the POS declined my Mastercard and they would not accept money to be transferred. I was  stranded until a female fan offered to pay and insisted I should not pay her back.

Are you into full time modeling?

I don’t do full time modeling.

You once contested for Mr Nigeria; what was the experience like?

Mr Nigeria was a great experience. I connected with different people, who were my fellow contestants, it improved my confidence and my level of discipline.

Are you crushing on any female celebrity in Nigeria or abroad at the moment?

No, I’m not crushing on anyone.

Covid-19 has affected every sector in the country, how badly hit is the entertainment industry, especially Nollywood?

We all know that the entertainment industry is an industry that involves people coming and working together and by social distancing it can no longer be achieved.

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So, at the moment Covid19 has majorly affected the movie industry because actors are no longer filming and producers are no longer producing  until the pandemic is under control.

Ever fallen in love and what was the experience like?

Yes, I have fallen in love before and love is a beautiful experience.

If you were to be the president of Nigeria today, what are the five sectors you would concentrate on, in order to make the country great again?

If I am to be the president of Nigeria I would like to concentrate on improving our healthcare system, abolish tribalism and nepotism, fix power supply issues, support the entertainment industry, improve infrastructural development, improve the education sector  and eradicate bribery and corruption and police oppression of the innocent citizens. Sorry, it has to be more than five (laughs).