June 3, 2020

Kiki Osinbajo advocates right of female gender at all level

Kiki Osinbajo advocates right of female gender at all level

… Condemns rape of Uniben student, speaks to men.

Daughter of Nigeria Vice President, Kiki Osinbajo has condemned with great grievance the rape and murder of a 22year old University of Benin student, Uwavera Omozuwa in Benin.

Kiki, who has been one of the most vibrant, charismatic advocate of gender rights, in a statement which she posted few hours ago on her Instagram timeline, had spotlighted some of the misconceptions on the right and consent of the female gender at all levels.

According to Kiki Osinbajo, she described the situation as an extensive problem, stressing that those who think otherwise are a major part of the problem. In her statement, she expressed displeasure at the reactions on social media on the issues about sexual abuse and rape. She noted that the reactions are enough to explain why the bizarre inhuman behaviour keeps happening.

The Skincare expert, CEO of @glamdafrica and @konyinskincare, Kiki Osinbajo, had bitterly opposed the blames placed on victims or survivors, stating that, they are irrelevant and insignificant. She noted that “what a woman wears”, “why she is at a particular location or place” and other excuses, are not enough reasons to justify any form of sexual abuse been thrown at her.

In the statement posted and addressed to men, Kiki highlights her perception and she writes, “No is not shakara, no means no; whatever a woman is wearing or not wearing gives you no right; the fact that she is your wife or girlfriend doesn’t give you a free pass, consent must be given; at any point a woman can withdraw; lead by examples, respect women and let your sons see that women are to be respected and not objectified; everyone has the right to have a choice and other notable advice which she addressed to men.

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On the other hand, she advised women to stop feeling like sexual abuse was their individual faults or a taboo which shouldn’t be talked about, because of how the society would judge or see them as damaged. Kiki encouraged them to speak up.

She also advised women to stop giving excuses for their sons, she encouraged them to raise their sons by instilling the same values as instilled in their daughters. She therefore called on women to stop shaming victims or accusing them of lying. Kiki concluded saying that “you are a mother, you are to offer listening ear, offer counsel and not condemn victims”, she added.

Kiki is making efforts to monumentally engage the monolithic national campaign on the rights of women, especially in areas of sexual abuse and assault. Her proactive interventions and advocacy will continue to create awareness to support campaigns and expositions on the bizarre and inhuman conduct. She has continued to lend her voice through presentations and encouragement speeches at notable international and national conferences on human trafficking and sexual abuse.