June 20, 2020

I’m here to take over from Olamide, says 11 year-old rapper, Harmeen




By Ayo Onikoyi

Not many people know or have heard about an 11-year-old rapper called Harmeen, born Hassan Al-hameen. But he is silently and steadily carving a niche for himself in the music industry. He started music at the age of 5 and at 11 has won some awards and recognitions for his musical talent and dexterity.

Harmeen’s story started like any small fire that would become a wildfire, regardless of the direction of the wind. His father, who has been his manager of sort noticed the little Harmeen could mime any song and rap it out and so decided to prod him. When he did, he found there was indeed a fire on his roof yet smouldering in its infancy. He decided to put him to test and it was all fate needed to discover another little giant.

“I started music professionally at the age of 9 in 2018. My dad wrote some freestyle for me which I memorized. There was a day he went online and he noticed that the rapper, Reminisce was giving upcoming artistes opportunities to freestyle on his new beat titled “Ajigijaga”.

He downloaded the beat and woke me up around 3am to notify me about the competition. He asked if I could do my version, I said I would love to but not at the moment because I needed to sleep, but we agreed that once I was back from school we would do it. To cut the story short, I did it and he uploaded it on my page on Instagram (@Harmeen_official) and tag reminisce and others based on the instructions to follow.

“Surprisingly, around 7pm after we uploaded around 4pm, someone called my dad that Reminisce had reposted my freestyle and that it’s trending. My dad log-in immediately and he received message that I was one of the winners and my dad should bring me to Ikeja to claim the prize of 100 thousand naira. My dad used some of the money to buy me some school materials and we used the remaining money to go to studio to record my first single titled “Omo Naija”.

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Since then I have been moving from place to place to perform, state to state to perform alongside other star artistes and celebrities. Presently, I have recorded 11 tracks with 3 videos but my latest song trending right now is titled “Rapability”. The video was shot by my dad because he’s a cinematographer,” Harmeen recounted how the journey began.

He is signed to Efoski Entertainment, a record label under the direction of his father, who was also a rapper. Presently, he has recorded eleven tracks and three videos under the label, Efoski Entertainment. He is planning to drop an EP of 10 tracks titled “Rapability” by December of this year.

“ I love Olamide, Reminisce and Davido. I love their music and I do listen to them from time to time. But I’m the future king of rap. I’m here to take over from Olamide, Baddoo,” he said with pride.

Harmeen has won awards like Murk Reminisce competition in 2018, the Kid Entertainer of the Year Award by Star Kids Award. In 2019 he won a split air conditioner from Gree AC presented by HipTV.

The little star in the making is not under the illusion that it is only music that will see him to El-Dorado, he is also paying attention to his education.

“My musical career can’t affect my education because there is time for everything. I only concentrate on music during weekends and during holidays at the moment. Education and music are both important to me and I know how to balance both.

“During weekdays I focus on my education, no music, no show but during weekends after I have attended to my school assignments I do focus on my music, going to studio or to shows to perform, with the help of my parents who always help me to plan myself and with the glory of Almighty God,” he said.