June 28, 2020

How I got kicked out of my rented apartment – Sir Ike

How I got kicked out of my rented apartment – Sir Ike

Rising music sensation, rapper and business mogul Sir Henry Ikezi, popularly known as Sir Ike, may have an impact in the entertainment industry as rapper Ceo YSM and songwriter, but the ever-growing artiste business discovered his passion lies in real estate development at age 17, hence, his decision to go into real estate development on a full scale.

Ike found a lot of success in real estate and was able to help his parents financially while living comfortably.

Speaking about his journey so far and his ups and down in the real estate business, the rapper said while making a name for himself and impacting lives, he also indulged in a life of wild parties, beautiful women, and drugs. Which eventually got the best of him, and after several bad business ventures, one caught the attention of the FBI.

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In 2015, he was kicked out of his rent-controlled Manhattan apartment for listing it on Airbnb, leaving him stranded and homeless for while.

“An investigation was launched into my activities which resulted in a costly legal battle. Another bad investment cost me a fortune, causing me to fall into a deep depression and have suicidal thoughts. I nearly took my own life lol crazy right?”

“So I had to pick myself up and give it another try learned from my mistakes and bad dealings to reinvent myself as a successful real estate developer.”

“Regaining my wealth, all thanks to God so I decided to give back to the community and launched community outreach programs that teach people who are less fortunate financial literacy and basic business skills.”

“These setbacks brought out the creative side o the music thing in me so I planned to connect with audiences through my music, motivational speaking.”