June 26, 2020

Focus on politics keeping Africans poorer – Charles Lambert

Focus on politics keeping Africans poorer – Charles Lambert

The leader of Africa’s first Economic War, Charles N Lambert, in a recent video of the Economic War show, has said that focus on politics is what is keeping Africans poorer.

Lambert blames poverty in Africa on too much obsession in politics which is not productive but rather borrows to feed people instead of empowering the people, creating economic opportunities to boost Africa’s economy.

A few years ago, a video in which a street boy blamed politics for Nigeria’s socio-economic problems, went viral on social media in the country. He called for a mass burial of the country’s political elite, which in his opinion, would help combat corruption, hatred and unlock the country’s economic potentials.

His view echoes the inner and hidden sentiments many people living in African countries have about their politics.

The reasons for this are not hard to find. Politics in most African countries have done little to improve the welfare of people, who are very poor.

The rot goes all the way through the political chain to elected and appointed public officers – starting with political parties.

Party financiers and godfathers dictate who holds what public office without regard for competence, economy and internal democracy. They ultimately dictate how state affairs and funds are managed with barely a distinction between public and private funds.

So, elections don’t seem to help, mainly as the politicians are the same. Despite African political parties espousing different ideologies and launching welfare manifestos, nothing really changes when governments change, only hate, debts and enemies increase.

Political opposition is not about exchanging ideas in Africa, it’s about battle between enemies because oppositions are seen as enemies, and everyone wants to win the battle, that is the mindset that has been imbibed into the young champs, this hereby creates political thugs, causing problems, disrupting peace all in the name of making sure their candidates gain power.

Aside from disrupting peace, every year about USD$50 billion is lost through illicit transfers in Nigeria alone by these politicians. Not only does this hold back the continent’s socio-economic progress, but it also threatens peace, security and stability.

Politics in Africa is synonymous with wealth, whether acquired legally or otherwise. Hence, the scramble for power can be intense and always dangerous. The expectation of quick riches increases internal competition for party candidature, which often requires deal-making and vote-buying which does not add to the GDP of our continent.

On the aspects of debts, before Nigeria’s 2019 elections, Peter Obi, the announced Peoples Democratic Party candidate for vice president, was picking holes in the current administration’s economic policies.

In one instance Obi, the former governor of a state in Nigeria, Anambra State, accused President Muhammadu Buhari’s government of borrowing too much, with little to show for it.

He said “This present regime has plunged us into a deeper debt profile to the tune of $80 billion, an indication that the nation is collapsing,” Vanguard newspaper quoted him as saying on 24 October 2018.

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So you see that instead of using revenues to build country’s economy, they’re used for debts settlements and it continues with the next leader who takes over.

In fact, it is now a culture in Africa that every incoming political leader must inherit debts from the outgoing. This keeps burying the African economy because these debts do not give any positive result. It might sound funny to say that most African countries still borrow money to settle debts they owe Western countries.

Speaking on the Black Wall Street’s Economic War Show episode 8, Charles N Lambert kicked against this style of politics in Africa. Stating that politics has left Africans in the pit of poverty and will only take an economic revolution to bring us out.

A participant, who watched the show commented that Politics has really robbed Africa of its wealth leaving so much debt for generations to come. The Black Wall Street Community is really out to open so many people’s eyes and mind towards productivity to oneself, nation and Africa at large.

Another participant also commented saying that Politics has damaged the mental capacity of the youths and has created a barricade preventing Africans from seeing the brighter side of Economic balance. Let’s make African’s economy great again!!!

According to Lambert, Africans have the best intelligentsia focusing on politics instead of using their ideas for businesses and economic development.

Every politician thinks of how to fill his pocket with money generated, live lavishly, gain more power, and borrow more money in the name of running the government.

The best of Africa’s brain shouldn’t go into politics, we need these brains to pursue economic goals to develop Africa, said Lambert.

Hence, the Black Wall Street is urging Africans, the intelligentsia to join its economic platform to kick poverty out of Africa.

There are roles under the platform that will earn you $30,000 in 6 months with only $500 investment. This is about focusing on the African economy and we must grab these opportunities provided by the Black Wall Street Now. [visit for all the details you need to know]

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