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June 10, 2020

Double Blessing: Mother of triplets rejoices as hospital offsets bills

Double Blessing: Mother of triplets rejoices as hospital offsets bills

•Mother of the triplets, Mrs Uguru Glory and her mother carrying the babies

•Mother of the triplets, Mrs Uguru Glory and her mother carrying the babies

By Peter Okutu – Abakaliki

A mother of triplets, Mrs. Uguru Glory, was weekend overjoyed not only because of the safe delivery she had but also because of how the management of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, took care of all the bills she incurred during delivery.

Addressing a gathering at the hospital vicinity in Abakaliki, the Chief Medical Director, CMD, Dr. Emeka Onwe Ogah explained that the gesture offered to the mother of triplets was part of the policy of the hospital.

Represented by the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, CMAC of the Hospital, Dr. Richard Ewa, the CMD added that apart from offsetting the bills of the triplets, both mother and the triplets will be given free treatment for the next six months whenever they visit the Hospital.

“This morning we are doing something that is not common but which is part of what this hospital policy  states; which is that every mother that deliver’s triplets in this hospital shall go home without paying any penny to the hospital.  Her Bill is over N17,5000.

“If the mother was operated, she will equally not pay money to the hospital. Even if the children were given any treatment, she will not pay money.

“So this morning we are here to fulfill that policy. Why do we have to do that? We know that even to give birth to one is enough stress for the family let alons having three at the same time which is a bigger challenge but we know very well that God that giveth everything has a means to take care of those gifts.

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“This morning, these beautiful baby girls were born to this family. We want to send them home today and they are not going to pay any kobo to the hospital. Also why are we doing this? Is that we want to encourage all pregnant women particularly if you are told you have triplets and you are attending antenatal clinical here.

“I will encourage all the women in this state to come for antenatal care here so that they will have safe delivery. More importantly, our discharging them today is not just ending today, the hospital is going to give the mother and the babies treatment for the next 6 months including treating any medical conditions they will come with. Within these 6 months, the hospital will take care of it without them pay any kobo.

“So, on behalf of the Chief Medical Doctor, I  want to congratulate this family and we pray that these babies as they enter into this family, they will come with many blessings, open doors, peace; they will not fall sick, there will not be many concern to family in the name of Jesus.

“They will grow up to become good citizens of this state and Nigeria as a whole and may God bless you as you go home in Jesus name we pray. We also ask members of the public who want to show them love in one way or the other or celebrate with them and for those who want to give them gifts should please contact us, then we can transmit same to them. It is time we show them love. Thank you every much.

“This policy has been on since but unfortunately, we don’t get information on time as some women deliver triplets and are discharged without our knowledge. But the one we know like this one, her Excellency came and paid her bills and so, we returned the money back to the government when we got to know about it.”

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Also, the Head of Nursing Services, AE-FEMC Ebonyi State Nigeria, Mrs Chuwku Winifred Ngozi who thanked God for the lives of the mother and the children enjoined the mother of the triplets to endeavour to stick to breast feeding as it will help to improve the lives of the children.

“There is no mother who will not be highly delighted, my heart is full of joy seeing that the babies are alive and also their mother.

“As a mother and as a midwife, I know what she passed through, even one child can give a lot of problem during delivery let alone three. It was really marvelous in our eyes and we have to give God praise because for a mother to carry triplets and deliver safely is God’s doing.

“I want to thank all the OP team as well as the nurses and midwives that really cared for them. We pray that the Lord that has delivered them safely will keep them alive and no complications, no pediatrics illness will come to them.

“The mother will be strong in order to breast feed because the breast milk has a lot of  things to do in their lives and I thank the husband both the relations, especially this hospital. We have to give thanks to the CMD and CMAC and the entire hospital management as well as my colleagues, the nurses and other people.”

In a joyful mood, the mother of the triplets, Mrs Uguru Glory from Izzi Local Government Area of the state expressed thanksgiving to God for all the goodwill and gestures she received during and after the delivery of the children.

“I am very happy and I pray that God will pay them back from wherever they got money from and supported us. We bought so many drugs, blood, injections and other tablets but the hospital said they have paid for them all and that they will refud us our money.  I am very happy .”

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