Black Wall Street reveals you can earn $1 million within 24 months in Africa

This is an interesting question and of course, who wouldn’t want to make a million-dollar in 24 months but the striking questions are: did you know? and how can it happen? is it possible in Africa?

Let’s look at this scenario, you have a company that’s more like your lifetime investment at the verge of collapsing and there’s a mandate that you come up with $1,000,000 bucks by the end of 24 months to save your company from collapsing or risk forfeiting your entire life investment to the government.

How would you do it?

This is a pretty difficult question to answer, yeah? Let’s take a look at what Charles N Lambert said during episode 3 of the ‘Economic War Show’ to help jog your mind but remember, ‘nothing is impossible in Africa’.

I’m sure you will be wondering who’s Lambert and what’s Economic War Show, relax! I will explain everything.

Charles N Lambert is an African economic activist and the leader of the first Economic War Show hosted by the Black Wall Street (BWS).

The economic War Show is a revolutionary show meant to teach, liberate and exonerate Africa from the pit of poverty and the spirit of economic invaders who only taught us how to trade and export our products outside the continent without showing us how to develop and build our economic structure.

The Economic War encourages inter-trade among African factory owners and businesses which creates developmental and job opportunities.

And lest I forget, the Black Wall Street is a group of Africans who understand that Africans are poor primarily because of the capital flight of $203 Billion dollars which leaves the continent every year to other countries developing them while our citizens and our governments have no money to do anything.

The Black Wall Street provides a platform for average Africans to profit from investments which are the vaccine for poverty through the revenues of funded corporations listed on BWS by simply “buying Africa”.

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This group of Africans are ready and fully determined to rewrite the history of the African Economy. Hold on, just hold, I’m sure you’re eager to know how to make a million-dollar bucks in 24 months, I’ll come back to that now, I just wanted you to understand the process, the passion and the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of our African continent.

Now, read carefully, while Lambert was explaining the possibility of making one million dollars within 24 months in Africa and why we’ve never heard that someone in Africa made such amount of money in two years while it keeps happening in America and other European countries, he said it is because they have what is called “Wall Street” while Africans do not have it.

The Wall Street is a platform that provides all manner of opportunities for Americans.

The Wall Street, in general, includes the stock market, bond market, commodities market, futures market, and the foreign exchange market. The original purpose of the securities market was to raise funds for companies to grow, be profitable, and create jobs. Securities trading has become so profitable in and of itself that trades have been established for just about anything you can think of, and a lot of things you could never imagine.

Explaining further, Lambert said African slaves were the first set of stocks to be sold in the Wall Street by Europeans. The African slaves were the foundations that built the Wall Street.

What powers the European economy is the strength of the Wall Street and the absence of this in Africa or the replica is the reason why we do not experience or hear stories of people making one million dollars within 24 months.

The Black Wall Street led by Lambert has come for Africans to compete with the Wall Street that strengthened the American Economy. This will provide an alternative opportunity for Africa to strengthen its economy too and far better than that of the Europeans.

Yes, it is possible to compete with the Western countries and even be better than them. It is an Economic War that we must fight in Africa! You can make one million dollars in 24 months the same way they do in their countries.

Like I said earlier, the Economic War is a revolutionary movement and to secure your pocket for the future.
Now let me tell you how you can make this money in Africa. There are two ways, either you become a payment facilitator or you become a fulfilment facilitator for the Black Wall Street. Yes, it is simple like that!

These two programs are meant to grow local businesses, boost inter-African trade, rev up industrialization, and create jobs within Africa.

Payment facilitators are people in 600 locations across Africa, these people aid the movement and circulation of money through the Black Wall Street platform.

Over the years, inter-trading in Africa has been difficult due to the shortfall in movement of money.

The Black Wall Street believes that a country’s economic growth is not generated by the government, it is generated by the people of a country through the final goods and services bought by the final user, produced in the country, in a given period of time. This generates wealth through the accumulation of profitable balances.

For this reason, Black Wall Street developed the two programs to make the movement of money and goods easier in Africa by Africans.

When Africans import and export goods within the continent using the BWS platforms to facilitate payments and movement of goods, it works faster and easier, this saves the continent a lot of money being spent on capital fights.

Trillions of dollars have flown out of Africa over the last four decades. Capital flight has accelerated since 2000, a period that coincides with the commodity-driven growth resurgence in Africa.

Evidence suggests that capital flight has significantly undermined Africa’s growth and development – through the siphoning of potential investment capital out of the continent.

Now, the payment facilitators are individuals who stand as financial industry to facilitate payments related to e-commerce on behalf of numerous businesses across Africa through the Black Wall street Platform.

The facilitators are seen as the wheels of the economic war led by Lambert.

Lambert explains that the payment facilitators play critical in the Economic War by making payments to different people on behalf of Black Wall.

BWS has 600 virtual branches across Africa, each of these virtual branches has 10 payment facilitators assigned to work with and about 1,000 stay at home mothers, 10,000 models and 20,000 teachers who are doing great jobs so that Africa can participate and experience the true change that comes with digital technology.

The facilitators also earn about $200 – $1,000 daily while helping move the funds around.

Being more like a middleman in the financial transaction, the payment facilitator is fighting an economic war of its first kind to restore Africa’s economic glory.

Fulfilment facilitators, on the other hand, are warehouse owners in Africa who offer up an end-to-end solution.
Lambert explains that the fulfilment facilitators run Warehouses on behalf of African producers through the Redirect Mall. And this is perfect for logistics minded professionals to work from anywhere through The Black Wall Street platform.

The Redirect Mall is an online Mall dedicated to fighting the Economic War. It is a place where Africans can buy African products in bulk.

According to Lambert, these warehouse owners in the Economic War are people who help process goods and send them out to the outlets for sales. These people also help store the goods, keep logistics, and ensure the delivery of orders from business owners.

Charles reiterated that the aim of these programs is to stop the economic invaders from bleeding Africa. Giving an example of how a company that sells mobile phones in Africa makes away with the sum of 60 billion US dollars annually from Africa, Charles said it is time for Africa to fight back and restore its economy.

Wow! Now you see that It is a great opportunity for you to secure the future, invest your time and energy with the Black Wall Street program, make that money you’ve always dreamt of without stress. visit now, sign up and begin the journey of one million dollars in 24 months.

The Black Wall Street is the only stock exchange system in the world that is 100% Risk-free because you only invest in companies through points gained from regular consumer product purchase.

You can also join the Economic War by buying made in Africa products available on as well as follow the show on Mondays and Thursdays 3pm EAT on Facebook live and

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