June 5, 2020

Covid-19: Physiotherapists set up 20-man c’ttee to recommend exercises, other rehabilitation strategies to aid quick recovery of patients


By Bashir Bello

In its bid to complement Federal Government’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy, NSP, says it has set up a 20 man task force committee to recommend dance, play, exercises and other rehabilitation strategies to aid quick recovery of victims or patients of the highly contagious disease.

The Secretary of the Committee, Dr Afolabi Oluyinka PT disclosed this in a chat with Vanguard.

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Oluyinka said the evidence-based physiotherapy interventions is to reduce to the barest minimum the disease morbidity and mortality.

He said it will benefit both symptomatic and asymptomatic covid-19 patients in the isolation centres as well as keep Nigerians healthy from sedentary lifestyle occasioned by the lockdown.

According to the Secretary, “NSP, in a bid to complement federal government’s efforts against covid – 19 has set up a national and States taskforce committees whose functions are directed at keeping Nigerians healthy, informed and to provide evidence-based physiotherapy interventions at the isolation centres for both symptomatic and asymptomatic covid -19 patients.

“Quality information on prescribed activities and exercises are currently being generated and released from NSP covid – 19 taskforce for public consumption in support of the federal government’s efforts as a way of contributing our own quota to reduce to the barest minimum the disease morbidity and mortality and also to ensure good recovery for the infected as the whole world look forward to the future for the discovery of a potent vaccine against covid – 19 and its extermination globally.

“Physiotherapists are experts in exercise testing and prescription in health and otherwise and our services are available to promote health, aid healing and recovery and also for restoration and rehabilitation.

“NSP, as a health professional association that is mindful about the well being of the good people of Nigeria, recommends prescribed physical activity by physiotherapists to individual patients and healthy people taking into consideration individual health challenges and baseline fitness levels.

“It is worthy of note that the dosage of exercise plays a vital role in the response elicited by the body immune system. Too much or too little of it can have detrimental effects.

“It is therefore imperative that exercise is prescribed in an individualised form to people and especially to those whose immunity is already compromised as a result of the covid -19 infection at the various isolation centres. The physiotherapists being the exercise experts are best suited as well as prepared to handle this.

“Composition of the task force committee include a Chairman, Secretary, 4 Strategic members and 14 regional representatives (two per geopolitical zone including FCT),” Oluyinka however stated.