June 7, 2020

COVID-19: Nigeria’s Agricultural sector to witness huge spike – CEO Dacheo Media

COVID-19: Nigeria’s Agricultural sector to witness huge spike – CEO Dacheo Media

The CEO of Dacheo Media and branding, Edache Obe is an entrepreneur who is passionate about growing brands and promoting businesses via digital platforms and also creating engagements and communications to help businesses reach their target audiences.

Fondly called Dacheo, Obe’s managerial features landed him the position of the community leader of one of the fastest and biggest platforms for foodies in Lagos (Lagos Foodie Association).

With this, Dacheo with his team members were able to create a platform for foodies to connect and explore the best places in Lagos.

They also use the platform to showcase restaurants and locations for people to explore.

“The opportunities are forever growing in the Food space as people will always need to eat. I believe food is an essential in any economy. In Nigeria the food space is still yet to attain that global position it deserves when it comes to putting our dishes in the international arena. So I believe we have a great opportunity in this aspect. I see our food space taking dominance in producing, exporting to other countries. A lot of food businesses have also jumped on new media to push their product even further.

I see food businesses becoming more and more innovative when it comes to how they promote their businesses on social media,” he emphasized in a recent interview with Vanguard News.

Due to the emergence of COVID-19, the Agricultural sector is apparently going to witness a spike in the demand for products as a lot of people are constantly stocking their homes on a regular.

The effect of this will mean farmers will need to increase their produce to meet with the demand as people will always want to buy in bulk.

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“The agricultural sector will become more lucrative as a lot of imported items are restricted due to the lockdown of borders and shipment. I believe this will be good for the economy as it will allow us focus on indigenous production,” the 34 – year- old  Benue state born creative entrepreneur noted.

With his remarkable wealth of knowledge in branding, Dacheo, who graduated from University of Jos also rolls out the best modus operandi bars and restaurants would adopt to maintain the COVID-19 preventive measures and guidelines.

In his words, “I believe bars and restaurants should have a limit to the amount of people that can be allowed in at any given time to reduce the risk of infection and spread. I will like to believe that proper sanitization will be done by bars and restaurants before entry to the location. It will also be important to ensure some level of spacing in the outlet to reduce potential spread of the virus. Currently a lot of restaurants have adopted the delivery mode of operation to reduce the risk. I strongly believe that this should still continue for now.”