As the world continues to battle the unexpected emergence of dreaded COVID-19, lots of losses have been counted by individuals, companies and countries at large.

The CEO of Jay & S Off-Site Ventures, Judith Chinenye Edega, also known as Jaysplash20 has also had her fair share of COVID-19 effect.

However, according to the 28-year-old, diversity and the grace of God have kept her going and sailing through the difficult times.

Hear her, “It’s so sad that the entire world wasn’t prepared for the enemy, COVID-19, that hits so hard.  In one way or the other everyone around the world has felt the impact. One of the industries that was grossly impacted by this virus is the Entertainment sector.

Club are no longer opening, Karaoke lounges, Cinemas, event halls are all shut, for the duration of the total lockdown, actors and actresses couldn’t go to locations to shoot, various artists concerts has to be put on hold after so much has been spent, no ceremony for MCs, VJs , Comperes and red carpet hosts to anchor.

Talking about event planners, which event can they plan or organize when the audience are locked up in their homes. I mean revenues has been lost to this whole menace. We aren’t even talking about the impact on other sectors like aviation where 98% of aircrafts are grounded, don’t also forget that some economies are fully dependent on tourism.

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In summary the economy of the whole world has been affected badly. As to how I’m coping, diversity and the grace of God is what has been keeping me going, the entertainment business is not the only thing I do.”

However, despite the pandemic, Jaysplash20 still believes in the year 2020. She strongly upholds that as events unfold better opportunities of success would present itself.

“Expansion and Diversifying and taking over was my big plan for 2020 but the emergence of the deadly coronaVirus has really made me halt some of this plan while we further see how event unfolds and get more familiar with the new normal emanating from this our new realities,” she stated.

As a young Nigerian entrepreneur, Jaysplash20 is also of the opinion that her country’s economy is not so favorable for her likes in the entertainment Business, “we all know the deplorable state of Nigeria’s economy. Besides the entertainment industry in Nigeria isn’t  getting good support from the government, no rule of law to strengthen, support or uphold our value system but as God will have it the world has gone  digital over the years. So, the proceeds from the digital space is really going a long way to keep us in business,” she asserted.


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