June 13, 2020

Breaking into the Nigerian music scene is very expensive — Sky D

Sky D


Budding singer, Paul Okwuchukwu, aka Sky D has lamented what it takes to break into the country’s music scene , saying “It’s very expensive. “

Sky D, who started singing while he was in Junior Secondary School, JSS, said emerging singers rarely find it easy to make it big in the Nigerian music scene.

According to singer , who has to his credit such songs as ‘Smile For Me’, ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Pull Up’, ‘Biko’ and ‘Let me Be’, finance remains one of the major challenges every budding singer faces in the industry.

“One of the challenges I faced was getting to where people could understand my kind of songs. Finance is also a challenge. It is very expensive to break into the music industry.”

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“Shortly after my song, Let Me Be, was released online and it had garnered a lot of streams, the website took it down for no reason. However, I guess all those are blessings in disguise, “ said the budding singer.

A model and stylist who recently released his debut EP titled, ‘From Insult to Result’, Sky D said that the song was inspired by his experience. “When one is working hard with one’s hands dirty, people rarely see one then. They would only insult one. But when one makes it big, everybody would come around and show respect. That is the message of the song.”

Tracing the origin of his music career, Sky D said “It all started when I was in junior secondary school. I stayed in the school’s hostel and we used to have an event called ‘social night’ every Friday or Saturday night. I was initially a member of an entertainment group that danced, sang, and acted stage dramas. Whenever I wasn’t around to sing, the students would keep asking of me. Some in class would beat their desks and beg me to sing. That was how I knew a lot of people loved my sound and I had to take it more seriously.”