To continue the fight against the European Economic invaders in Africa, the Black Wall Street has launched its weekly show to educate Africans on how to restore its Economic glory.

According to Charles N Lambert, Leader of Africa’s first economic war and the economic activist spearheading The Black Wall Street Economic War, the show is in the honour of the 99th year of the Black Wall Street massacre in Tulsa.

As Americans’ rage over racial injustice boils over into the sixth day of protests, today, June 1st also marks the 99th anniversary of one of the worst acts of racial violence the country has ever seen.

This year’s anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre comes amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed black man who died last week at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

And while Floyd’s name along with his repeated plea, “I can’t breathe,” have been exclaimed by thousands of protesters, the victims’ names of the Tulsa race massacre have been rarely spoken as the incident went unmentioned for decades in classrooms across the state.

According to Charles, this group of Africans who referred to themselves as the Black Wall Street became so prosperous and financially buoyant more than the European invaders who became upset with the success of the Africans.

History has it that the Black Wall Street community boasted more than 300 black-owned businesses, including two theatres, doctors, pharmacists and even a pilot who owned his own private aeroplane.

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The success of this black community, however, caused some white people in Tulsa to become envious and angry, according to Mechelle Brown, director of programs at the Greenwood Cultural Center.

They commented, “‘How dare these negroes have a grand piano in their house, and I don’t have a piano in my house’,”

It is on this backdrop that Charles N Lambert is championing the Black Wall Street shows. According to Charles, in its first episode of the Economic War show, they are a group of people who are dedicated to liberating Africa from poverty, they are the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent and leverages on capital flight to generate capital for funding of job, creating commercial undertaking for Africa which they’ve tagged ”The Economic War”.

An Economic War, is a commerce-driven, orchestrated attempt, to balance altered trade deficit for a region.

This is done by simply ensuring that money leaving the continent is controlled, to avoid the haemorrhage of funds and capital flight.

Every Continent in the World, apart from Africa, has engaged and continues to engage in economic wars to ensure that their citizens and economies are on a positive and progressive position.

To win the Economic war, to make sure excess money does not leave Africa, the Black Wall Street led by Charles N Lambert is using its platform called the “redirect mall” to sell African products to save the continent from losing over $203 billion on capital flights annually.

The Redirect Mall is an online Mall dedicated to fighting the Economic War. It is a place where Africans can buy African products in bulk.

The Redirect Mall is to make sure Africans have easy access to goods produced by manufacturing companies in the continent.

With the redirect mall, Africans can trap the resources and invest in African corporations to create more jobs for the people.

In the second episode of the show that aired on Monday 1st June with the topic “ Can machines make money for Africans?” , Charles establishes that Artificial intelligence has made it easier for Africans to compete with European countries, and machines can make money for Africans.

He emphasized that the machines will make Africans better and efficient to restore its economic glory.

You can join the economic war by buying made in Africa products available on as well as follow the show on Mondays and Thursdays 3pm EAT on Facebook live and

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