June 27, 2020

Air pollution, not COVID-19 is affecting the world – Scientist 

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A Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist, Dr. Emmanuel Adeyemi, has said what the world is battling with is air pollution and not COVID-19.

Adeyemi, at a briefing, said air pollution as a result of excessive nitrogen dioxide poisonous gas in the atmosphere was the cause of the infection and mass deaths going on globally around the world.

He said, “The atmosphere has been severely polluted with excessive nitrogen dioxide poisonous gas. Normally, we ought to breathe in pure oxygen, but globally we are breathing in nitrogen dioxide and this is what has led to the mass death and the respiratory problems that going on globally.

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“What is killing people globally does not need any drug or vaccine; China made a wrong diagnosis of the disease they were facing; initially, Chinese authorities said that coronavirus originated from bats or other animals at the Wuhan wet market and the market was shut. But recently, Chinese researchers said COVID-19 did not originate from the Wuhan live market.”

Adeyemi stressed that researchers from the Department of Epidemiology and Bio-statistics, Thongai Medical College, China, in their recent study explained reasons for cardiovascular mortalities during the cold season.

“Their article, titled, Season and temperature modify the short-term effect of nitrogen dioxide on cardiovascular mortality: a time-series study found out that in the cold season, and on days with low temperatures, the adverse effect of nitrogen dioxide on cardiovascular mortality was significantly enhanced. That is why during the cold season, the effect of COVID-19 is very high.

“Why is the rate of infections and deaths as a result of COVID-19 lower during warm weather and summer?   The researchers also found out that there is no significant effect of nitrogen dioxide on cardiovascular mortality in the warm season. That is why during the warm season, the rate of COVID-19 in any part of the world is very low,” he said.

The Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist added that the researchers also found out in their study that men were more susceptible to nitrogen dioxide air pollution, which was why many men were affected with COVID-19 than females.