May 29, 2020

“The Masquerade” actor, Akposheri, launches family sitcom

“The Masquerade” actor, Akposheri, launches family video series

By Agbonkhese Oboh

Nollywood veteran, Tony Akposheri has introduced his family in a new social media skit entitled “Naija Dad”.

The Masquerade actor, in a chat with newsmen, revealed the inspiration behind the skits and why he decided to go into skit production with his wife and children.

He said: “First of all, I would say the inspiration started following our quest to have a family reality show, more like a sitcom.

“While brainstorming and putting heads together as to how we can give our best to the project, we realised it is important to make whatever it is we want to do unique, and so we settled for real-life events.

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“Also and very important, a colleague and a very close friend of the family, she is a veteran actor, writer, producer and director said ‘Tony wonder! (that’s what she calls me), what are you waiting for?

“You have paid your dues and you are a very good actor and director. God has blessed you with beautiful girls well talented; among them you have writer, dancers, singers and actors.

“’Do something on your own. Don’t wait until you have millions, because sponsors hardly come up to help. Start something small and you will see God’s blessings. You have all it takes in your house’.

“She spoke to my children and my wife, encouraging us to start something. She is based in London now. I really appreciate her effort and support for the encouragement. She is a friend indeed.

“We figured it’s best we stand out by making it real, hence using the family reoccurring real events and spicing it up a bit.

“So for us, we get inspiration from happenings within our family. My wife sometimes can come up with an idea, and we all work on it together. Even my daughter’s husband is not left out; we are one big and happy family. We choose to spread love, hope and peace through our videos.”

Speaking further on the format, Tony Akposheri said: “My daughter and husband brought the idea of making it a full series.

“Efe, my daughter, takes care of the writing aspect and her husband, technical. But it is one big family so most times we come together with ideas and bring it to life.

“Sometimes, things happen in the house and my wife and daughter can be like we can act this. Basically that’s it.

“Today we have ‘Naija Dad’ on YouTube and on all online media platforms.”