May 19, 2020

TETFund, Morgan State University, USA agree strategic partnership

TETFund, Morgan State University, USA agree strategic partnership

The Tertiary Education Trust Fund, TETFund, has just secured a historic agreement with the Morgan State University in Maryland, USA. The Morgan State University (MSU) President, David K. Wilson, announced the new educational collaboration with TETFund.

The five-year agreement will create a pathway for Nigerian students to study in the U.S. and pursue a Morgan degree, by sponsoring cohorts of eligible and admitted graduate students from public tertiary institutions in Nigeria who will be enrolled in Morgan PhD programs, in addition to cohorts of postdoctoral researchers from public tertiary institutions in Nigeria who will conduct research at Morgan.

The agreement could send up to 50 (no less than 30) new Ph.D. students and up to 20 postdoctoral researchers to the MSU. campus each year.

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According to the Executive Secretary of TETFund, Professor Suleiman E. Bogoro, “TETFund is glad to secure a worthy partnership with Morgan State University through the recently signed MOU that reflects a new paradigm in TETFund; geared towards content development of more than 220 public (federal- and state-owned) tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria.

These institutions are the direct beneficiaries of TETFund intervention lines, being academic staff training and development, R&D as well as the upcoming TETFund Centers of Excellence. We appreciate the mutual respect and understanding between the leadership of both institutions in making this historic and special agreement a reality.

We look forward to the future of shared opportunities between TETFund and Morgan towards meeting the human capital development, exchange programs, infrastructure and overall economic development aspirations of Nigeria and the USA.”

In his response, the Morgan State University (MSU) President, David K. Wilson said “This is a historic collaboration for Morgan State University, possibly the largest such agreement of its kind between an African nation and an American institution of higher education,” “Through our arrangement with the TETFund, not only will Morgan greatly enhance its standing as a high research university, but the resulting research could be globally beneficial.

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Morgan provides world-class education, and we are appreciative of being given this opportunity to work in partnership with Nigeria to produce intellectual capital capable of advancing the nation toward its goals.”

Through this partnership, a framework is being created in which early, mid-level and senior career faculty and staff members from Nigeria’s 238 public universities, colleges of education and polytechnics can pursue their Ph.Ds. and postdoctoral research at Morgan in fields and disciplines relevant to the developmental needs of Nigeria.