May 30, 2020

Low self-esteem makes body shaming thrive – Weight loss expert, Busayo Sulieman

Busayo Sulieman

The road is losing weight is quite long and bumpy, one that requires a lot of self-denial. Weight-loss expert, Amdalat Busayo Sulieman delves into the world of getting the right body size and associated issues. Excerpt

So tell us how it all began?

It all began with the desire to solving weight loss problems and trying to do so I found the right products that work and I ventured myself in to bring back human confidence and now today we are a known brand.

So much ado about weight loss, why is there much concentration these days?

Weight loss cannot be overemphasized. We are emotional beings who must interact on a daily basis as humans. So your instincts naturally want to look good and the concentration has been on for over 20years if I’m not making a mistake. There’s the need to want to follow the trends.

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Not to take away anything from plus size persons, has this in any way increased body-shaming in our society?

Plus size can be the most beautiful look if properly managed. That’s what we do at Spedy Weightloss (@spedy weightloss) we bring back the glory to your lifestyle and to us, there is nothing like being overweight and body shaming gets to you when you don’t have confidence in yourself anymore. That is where our vision comes in never to leave any woman behind, to say the least.

Why exactly did you venture into this?

Well at first it was just to lose my own weight because I had tried everything but to my surprise, one product worked and people started asking questions and I automatically became a weight loss consultant and now a product distributor. My partners produce my organic natural products and label it in my brand name as a certified class 1 distributor with years of reviews.

You know these are days of strange diseases, many skepticism about different products, don’t you think people should be careful?

Yes, strange diseases correct, but we stand on the side of hygiene and standard operating procedures that have protected us over the years for quality control. Skepticism about different products is understandable as everyone wants the best and will keep searching until they find it, but before then they should be careful not to harm themselves.