May 29, 2020

Inspiration behind Dara’s Interior Concept – Moshood Alabi A

Inspiration behind Dara’s Interior Concept – Moshood Alabi A

The Chief Executive Officer of Dara’s Interior Concept, Moshood Alabi A, is arguably one of Nigeria’s most respected entrepreneurs with a touch of excellence.

Having attended Boston College Johannesburg, South Africa and earned a Diploma in Business Management, the 38-year old creative entrepreneur continues to deliver world-class performance in all the briefs, yet he believes a lot could be done better if the Nigerian government does the needful

“There are two major things I think the government should do to make the environment friendlier for business people. Firstly, is stable electricity, then motorable roads. It is really needed to boost young businesses in the country,” he told Vanguard News.

As part of his qualities, Alabi has a reputation for relationship and personnel management, as well as quality assurance, which he has deployed in taking Dara’s interior concept to heights beyond the pedestrian.

He sheds more lights on the inspiration behind his dedication to Dara’s Interior Concept as well as the early challenges he conquered to achieve a grand success.

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“I am a developer. So the sense of responsibility and compassion for my projects, driven by the fact that I was involved in them since their very conception and ability to work on any design, inspire me. Other reasons include – a healthy work environment and hearty colleagues. This gives me enough motivation to love my work. I do hate it for few solid reasons too. But I can get along with the job for most of the time.

When we started, it was called Dara’s Interior Concept. Founded since 2016. Now it is called Dara’s Interior Concept.

We had also encountered different challenges at the starting point, but my team and I always try our best to handle them all the time,” he assured.

Advising young wannabe successful entrepreneurs, Moshood Alabi, a married father of one maintained that determination and commitment is the key to attain greater height

“The youths out there should know that whatever they are doing, they should stay focused and believe in themselves. Determination and doggedness is quite important. They should also stay humble and loyal to people around them. It pays,” he added.