It is no news that Nollywood actresses are typically surrounded by negative connotations, as they are generally perceived to have attained stardom through promiscuity and not through their talents.

Although this idea has been slowly eroded in some spheres, many up and coming actresses have either been forced to quit or foray into other ventures.

In a chat, US-based Nigerian actress, Ayo Adey-Kosh, formerly Busayo Adeyeye revealed that she was left with no choice than to get creative behind the cameras, as she ventured into movie production as a result of negative societal perception of actresses.

She said; “I ventured into movie production because of the way the public perceived actresses then, as well as the way some of the moviemakers treat upcoming actresses. I quickly concluded that if I wanted to act or make an impact in the movie industry, I had to start producing my movies, to avoid having to deal with the “casting couch” issue and also to be able to produce movies that align with my vision. I have never felt like quitting ever since because I love making movies and that’s never going to change”.

Asked how she manages to juxtapose her many entrepreneurial ventures, Adey-Kosh said:

“That has been quite easy. My decoration business is a home business for me. I have an online website where people can place their orders and I make those items in my workshop at home (I work mostly at night when my husband and son are sleeping). The order is picked up from my house by the local post office here and delivered to the customers.”

She added; “Scriptwriting is also fun work for me. I normally type on my phone using Google Docs and I can spend 3 straight nights writing a script without stress. That’s like the easiest part. The script conference is the one that takes longer because we have to be on the phone call for hours during the day and sometimes at night to plot and hatch out the story.”

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“As for production, most of our productions here are fixed for the weekend. It is well planned and everyone involved is notified as early as possible. I take on the role of production manager or dialogue director for some of our production here as I have everything planned with details. I also have plan B and C in case of eventualities. So, I think one can juggle a lot of things you love if you can plan appropriately, get a timetable if need be, and faithfully follow it,” she enthused.

As to whether she has plans on making a movie to reflect the current COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the globe, she said:

“I don’t believe in jumping on any bandwagon, I do things at my own pace. So, no, I don’t have plans to make a movie about COVID-19 at the moment. I may consider it sometime in the future.”

Recalling her experience as a greenhorn in front of the cameras, she said; “It was thrilling; Yomi Fash Lanso was the first person who introduced me to movies. I met him as well as Femi Davies and Kunle Afolayan. It was at a party in Ikeja and he asked me to come feature in a movie he was about to direct, by Andipe productions.”

“The first time on set, I had so much fun. The late Pa Kasumu was there, Bimbo Akintola and many more faces I only ever saw on TV were there. Acting for me felt so natural and I decided there and then to focus all my attention on it”, she added.



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