May 3, 2020

Highly-anticipated reality TV show “Judging Matters” takes off

Judging Matters, Reality TV Show

Judging Matters is the new reality TV show aimed at addressing small claims and minor cases in Lagos.

The show kicked off on-screen on April 27, 2020, on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 with two exciting cases.

The first case was quite interesting. A man decides to seize the gifts he bought for his ex-girlfriend because she was deceitful by hiding the fact that she had had two kids for another man, in her previous marriage. When he asked her whose kids they were, she claimed they were her sister’s.

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The item seized was a generator which is what the plaintiff is requesting for so she can carry out her business. After much deliberation between the counsel and the judge, their case was dismissed.

The second case was the usual case of borrowed money not returned. The plaintiff lent some money to his friend in December 2019, who bought a Keke Napep and had refused to return the money he borrowed. The case was a home run as the accused was asked to pay up what he owed.

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It is obvious from this first episode that viewers will not only laugh and be entertained, they’ll also have quite a lot to learn from the cases that come to the courtroom.

If you missed the premiere episode on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151, catch the repeat episode on the same channel on Wednesday at 10 pm.