May 15, 2020

Covid-19: CIG holds dialogue with Nigerian businesses on need for digitization

businesses on need for digitization

…Creative Intelligence Group conducts virtual panel discussion on Digital Transformation

A Nigerian based company, the Creative Intelligence Group (CIG) has said that the fallout of the covid-19 pandemic on many Nigerian businesses reveals a major loophole in their operation in terms of digitization.

At a panel discussion with Nigerian business owners and executives, the group, a B2B Consultancy pointed out that the time was ripe for companies to map out and execute their digital transformation.

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The discussion, however, stressed that the digitization process should focus less on emerging technologies but more on re-mapping existing products, services and operational strategies in a manner that allows organisations to survive the pandemic.

Mrs Busola Osilaja, an E-business and Digital Payments consultant, and a key panellist on the CIG Webinar pointed out three key strategies businesses must adopt.

“First, businesses need to ensure their actions support the drive to revive demand.

Second, digital transformation should be done in bits so it doesn’t get too complex especially for the customers.

“Third, business executives need to fall in love with their problem. Essentially, they need to focus on the value they are trying to create, and stop being fixated on technology solutions,” she said.

For Femi Odewunmi, the CEO of CIG and moderator for the panel, he stated that “from organisational cultures to processes, we have all now seen that there’s a lot to be done to remain competitive in the coming months and years”.

Other panellists on the webinar were business and technology executives from the UK and US; Helen Anatogu, a director with Knowledge Resources UK, Toni Sokunbi, a senior management consultant with CAPCO US, and Tolu Abudiore, a project manager with Network Rail UK.

The panellists explored key drivers for digital transformation under COVID-19, the opportunities and challenges that came with it.

According to Toni Sokunbi, emerging digital transformation opportunities under COVID-19 are financial services: virtual teller services, E-learning platforms, telemedicine, last-mile services for E-commerce, and business collaborations through shared services.