May 9, 2020

Africa’s new utility token gets more use cases

Africa’s new utility token gets more use cases

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As the world turns to the digital economy as a way to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, digital currencies are expected to strongly contend against the fiat in the global marketplace.

However, digital currencies like every other asset are only as valuable as the demand and use for them. This is why experts are saying Tatcoin, which is the native token of the ABiT Network is well-positioned for growth.

Tatcoin which is said to be minted on the ethereum blockchain is a decentralized utility token expected to power the ABiT Network, as well as serve as a tradable currency on cryptocurrency exchanges.

like all crypto-currencies, Tatcoin has a limited number of total supply which has been allocated already.

According to the white paper published by the company in 2019, the total supply for Tatcoin is 200,000,000.

5% of the minted numbers of Tatcoin has been sold to private investors during the round of seed sale, 12% is reserved for the ongoing pre-public sale, while 35% will be sold off at the stage of Initial Exchange offering, billed to start something in later this year.

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The token is expected to be relevant in travels and tourism, education and skills empowerment, charity and philanthropy, agriculture and food sustainability, housing and real estate investment, commuting and migration, gaming and entertainment. Currently, Tatcoin is believed to be the utility tatcoin with the highest use case in the world.

The Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Mr Gaius Chibueze, who is largely regarded as the poster boy for Bitcoin in Africa, has assured investors that based on the well thought out plan of the white paper, the value of Tatcoin will become very enviable in the coming years, as he and his team are committed to delivering every aspect of their over 80 pages project white paper.

The company which is expected to launch more products to cater for the daily needs of the African Consumer within the next few months and have pegged the projection of their consumer base at over a million users before the end of 2020.

That implies, over a million people will transact with Tatcoin before the end of 2020. following the fundamental law of price soaring as a result of high demand and limited supply, massive growth number of active users on the ABiT Mobile Applications platform will greatly ensure exponential profit for Tatcoin investors.

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