Climate change: Stakeholders hold 24-hour reality education programme

By Amb. Iroh Faithful

The World is expecting Climate Disaster, a worse global Shut Down, much more than COVID 19 pandemic which we are currently facing, there is no better time to remind ourselves and to improve the consciousness of African people to push for more concerted action by leaders than Africa Day 2020.

Africa is the most vulnerable continent on the planet, with regard to climate change.

We experience swarms of locusts, the floods, sea-level rise, the droughts, the forest fires, who knows the next events we are going to face, we have seen extreme weather pattern more frequently these days. Which affect agriculture and food security, water quality and scarcity on the continent, among other things.

However, it goes beyond food security and our economies, climate change is causing civil unrest; the shrinking Lake Chad, a resultant effect of the changing climate. This has contributed to hostility among communities living around Lake Chad.

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Climate change will eventually affect everybody, affect everything. change our way of life. We are the last generation who can do something about this, but if we don’t, we will be leaving a catastrophic hot oven earth for our children.

Extinction Rebellion Nigeria is calling on African Leaders to end business as usual, to end gas flaring, end wood trade, cut down emission, enforce reforestation, a call for Africa leaders to take the fulfilment of their various national contributions as a priority if possible upgrade her commitments to the Paris Agreement.

Developed countries are getting prepared to adapt to climate change, but it seems African leaders are feeling less concerned, they are neither committed to climate mitigation nor adaptation, hence Africa must wake up now to treat climate change as an emergency.

Amb. Iroh Faithful (Arc) is the Coordinator Extinction Rebellion Nigeria



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