April 15, 2020

The Essence of Politics and Governance

Time for technocrats to takeover governance, says Gborogbosi, Rivers guber aspirant

Leesi Gborogbosi

Leesi Gborogbosi

By Dr Leesi Gborogbosi

Politics and Governance are about resource mobilization and equitable distribution. A key goal of public sector governance is to maximise happiness for the citizens. The concept of “I Lead, You Follow” is old fashion.

Great leaders “inspire people to attain their potentials”. Leadership is not about mobilising “boys” to hijack ballot boxes.

All of us must begin to redefine what we mean by politics and governance if truly we are interested in our future and those of our children.

Where are the basic health facilities for our parents in the villages? Those who on top of poverty still sold their farmlands to train us.

This current political radicalism and dramatization must stop.

Other parts of the world are developing – yet we continue to move in a circle in spite of all the great wealth GOD gave us.

When your people have been underdeveloped for decades and you have the opportunity as a leader, you use that opportunity to drive development against all odds… and like they say the heavens will not fall if you are doing good.

Politics And Governance Is About Influencing Development

If As A top Politician, You Cannot Influence Your Party In Power To Bring Development To Your Community, State And Nigeria State, Please Go Into Isolation.

You Are Not Useful For Now.

Do we need more collaboratively relationship between the public sector and the private sector?

There needs to be more collaboration between the Governors, local government Chairman, and the Private sector.

We need visionary leadership that should be able to leverage a collaborative relationship with federal, state and local government agencies to inspire the citizens to invest in their communities.

Globally private sector governance and public sector governance are fusing to drive development and fight Covid-19.

These two sectors should no longer sit in silos … there should be integration and sharing of best practices.

If we do not build our communities, states and Nigeria, nobody will. No amount of foreign direct investments will.

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Through a collaborative relationship, we will be able to leverage available local resources to build trust and sustainable wealth.

As experts, let’s offer free expertise to help the governors to secure and develop the states at this critical time.

The governors should also step up as the leaders in spite of the private sector and the enormous human capital in Nigeria

Why do educated elites need to contribute more?

We seem to have too many educated people who completely lack courage.

They spend all their time analysing but they will never people into action.

They develop governance blueprints for poorly educated and inexperienced persons to lead.

They live in perpetual fear and always with excuses just like Fela explained in his song.

Nigeria must be competitive globally… competitiveness, resourcefulness, fair value redistribution and citizens happiness should be some of our key drivers.

Our educated elites must be willing to and not be afraid to take social and political risks that can drive national development.

What is the use of our education if we cannot change our communities positively?

We all know men in history who put all they have on the line to develop their people and pull down agents of underdevelopment.

When you fear only God… men cannot intimidate you… you will have the courage to lead the people into prosperity.

Can this period of Covid-19 experience reset our thinking model?

Our destiny is more important than any political party or politician.

Four years of governance is four years of our life.

Every four years we deliberately waste four years of our life by knowing voting wrong persons into leadership.

We have only one life to live and we must choose wisely who leads us.

If we do not love ourselves, what of our children?

Do we want to waste their future too?

Please use this period of Easter to pray to GOD to grant us wisdom and courage so we can all take back our destinies.

May God answer our prayers.

This article is written by Dr Leesi Gborogbosi, a former governorship candidate in Rivers State, is the CEO of Gabriel Domale Consulting (Management Consulting Firm –

Dr Leesi Gborogbosi has over two decades of leadership experience in the oil and gas industry. He is an expert in finance, strategy, corporate governance and transformation.

Gabriel Domale Consulting helps companies in Africa to grow by providing advisory in finance, strategy, corporate governance, transformation, and cost management.