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Stay ALAT: Wema Bank has you covered

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COVID-19 patients with diarrhea more likely to have severe symptoms of pneumonia – ResearchThe world has had to come to a stand still for many industries and individuals. Routines that had until now been seamless, and seemed irreplaceable have had to be viewed differently. A global pandemic has that humbling effect.

While a decent portion of the global economy reels under the weight of a fast-spreading deadly disease that threatens the old order of things, many of these affected industries are having to reimagine how they do business at a time when human interaction, the base that holds our modern lives up and running, has had to reduce, if not halt entirely.

Businesses are falling back on existing digital platforms, and the ones that lack those are frantically putting together a semblance of one in order to maintain service provision as an increasing swathe of the world is forced into physical distancing, a measure necessary to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The toll

The first case of the novel coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China, in late December, 2019. Since then, the virus is now known to have infected over 2.5 million people around the world and killed more than 170,000 of them. It has also spread to at least 200 countries and territories around the world in just four months.

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Nigeria reported its index coronavirus case on February 27, 2020. In the time since, over 600 confirmed cases have been documented, with more than 20 fatalities and 180  recoveries. The numbers are projected to rise, then flatten, as testing is improved. Some of the country’s major cities have had to go on total lockdown, in a bid to halt new infections. This means tens of millions of Nigerians are forced to stay indoors for the collective good of all. The question is, what does this entail for an emerging economy that at its core appears to be dependent on everyday human interaction?

Staying at home will in fact help save your life, and that of others, but staying at home does not do everything that needs to be done. Such as pay the bills, which would not stop coming because you are forced to be on lockdown. We are forced in these times to reimagine life itself; how we buy food, how we pay bills, how we complete essential transactions, and also how we maintain a social connection with friends and loved ones, while we steer clear of all physical contact. This is where ALAT By Wema comes in!


When Wema Bank introduced its digital banking platform, ALAT, in 2017 and touted it Nigeria’s first fully functional digital bank, it was no premonition of a time like this. The bank was being innovative in the way any institute would that is concerned about the satisfaction of its customers above all else.

ALAT is built from scratch to be entirely digital, making all banking services available to you anywhere you can access the internet. In comparison, a banking app only offers some banking services (typically airtime purchases, bill payments and transfers). With a banking app, you usually still need to go to a physical bank to get a debit card and activate it, submit documents and often, to get some kinds of customer support, not so with ALAT.

You can stay home, and stay safe, while keeping your financial life active in every way with ALAT.

Being the hero made easy

A lot of the discomfort of staying at home in these difficult times comes from the anxiety of uncertainty. ‘How do I do so and so?’ is a frightening question at any point in time, but especially when ‘so and so’ are essential everyday things that don’t require much thought put into them. Like going to the bank to make a deposit, pay your children’s school fees, or wire money to your friends and family. It takes a heroic steadfastness to hold from doing these things the traditional way. Wema Bank’s ALAT takes away the costly sacrifices necessary to pull off this heroic act.

ALAT By Wema is made better for the period of the lockdown with a new banking feature for account holders; a self-service banking feature launched for its customers to alleviate any complications with the platform in this period.

The feature which can be accessed by simply calling the number 070022552528, uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to generate information for customers and help them perform other banking needs.

You can confirm account balance, resolve account security issues and check your financial statements in varying period stretches, without any need to reach the Purple Connect, the Wema Bank’s Call Centre, or visit any banking halls.

You can be the hero and save yourself and everyone else from the threat of new Coronavirus infections, without having to pay the huge price of inability to perform crucial financial activities.

The future is now

The launch of ALAT in 2017 was aimed at being a solution to a problem of the future, it appears that that future has sneaked up on us fast and is here. It is gratifying to think about the reality that, rather than scramble to catch up with it, it met us prepared.

Wema Bank is holding steadfast to its reputation of offering seamless financial services with ALAT. The lockdown is merely an opportunity to really see that in action, but also to see how much farther the bank is able to go in innovating and meeting emerging customer needs.


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