Nigerian comedian, Kelvin Anagbogu, popularly known as ‘Lord Lamba’ has lambasted famous comedians online for being scared of competition from upcoming comedians.

The 25-year-old comedian who hails from Anambra State, acclaimed Lord of Lies with over 124,000 followers on Instagram began his comedy career as a hobby. Born in Lagos state, with the natural ability to make people laugh and make jokes off dire situations, Kelvin kept a record of making people happy wherever his presence was felt.

Motivated by his mother, Kelvin, the second child in a family of four, eventually delved into the comedy world and in a short while, he evolved into an online sensation.

In an interview, Kelvin revealed major challenges he faced as a newbie in the comedy business.

“When I started, I was trying all possible ways to get my feet in and gain more followers. I reached out too many of the popular comedians but they all turned me down. Some gave excuses of being busy, while some didn’t even respond. I eventually made up my mind that i was going to grow myself without the help of anyone.”

The comedian bitterly vowed he has never featured any popular person because some of them would see themselves as the reason for his growth.

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He further explained, “The truth is that many of these people have so much pride and when they know that you’re good, they feel threatened and do not want to associate with you. The popular comedians are scared of competition because they feel kit will affect their business.”

He revealed that with his stealthy growth in the industry, the tables have turned and comedians now reach out to him for collaborations, making him a ‘boss’.



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