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April 30, 2020

People Talk: Extension of COVID-19 lockdown and 8pm-6am nationwide curfew (2)

Buhari's speech in brief

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Olayinka Latona & Bose Adelaja

“I did not think the lockdown should continue at all because the stay at home has increased insecurity  in our communities and it has also constituted a serious challenge on our economy.

“There is serious hunger and uncertainty about survival from the masses. Government should find another way of tackling the disease.” -Precious Odileku, Student.

“The extension of lockdown is really not easy especially when many of us are not making any money while at home.  I understand the government is trying to control the virus by telling us to stay at home.

“But there is hunger in the land. The only a stay at home directive will work is if palliatives is extended to the masses.” -Adeola John,

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“The move is a fair one on Nigerians and especially on the economy. By the president’s directive, people can now go out and actually work from 8am-6pm.

“I believe this will strike a minimal balance in the economy. We just can’t remain at home until the very last infected person is discharged. We must find a way around the situation.” -Abimbola Okunola, Entrepreneur

“I hope this lockdown makes a difference. Truth be told, the lockdown will make no difference until Nigerians behave and abide by the decision of the Government.

“Many people have simply refused to comply with social distancing and stay at home directive. I hope things don’t get out of hand beyond what is on ground.” -Babalola Adetunbowale, Social Worker.

“The extension is quite discouraging because even with the lockdown, the number of infected persons is still rising daily. It will be better if the government and NCDC can approve a video of live report of the activities in the isolation centers instead of figures report. This will make people more cautious about the preventive measures.” -Chukwu Chinwe, Paralegal

“I wonder how many lives will be lost again as extension continues. 70% of Nigerians cannot feed a day without going out to hustle for their daily bread.

“The government of Nigeria can get to the masses in providing palliatives for the vulnerable people, as they usually do, during elections, when they need the people.” -Akewugberu Kehinde, Chemist

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