April 14, 2020

Odum Chijoke: Technology Whiz Kid Set to take over

Odum Chijoke: Technology Whiz Kid Set to take over

With the realm of cryptocurrecies creeping stealthily into Nigeria’s economic sphere, a young Nigerian man has ascended the ladder and become one of the most reputable names to be heard when cryptocurrency is mentioned in Nigeria.

Odum Chijoke John, a native of Anambara State in the eastern part of Nigeria is a tech-driven Nigerian Business Executive residing in Lagos, Nigeria.

Born in the early 90s to a family of six  and bred in Lagos, Nigeria, Chijioke can be referred to as a child prodigy, nursing a burning enthusiasm for tech from his early years.

At the tender age of fourteen,  he created his first website, which was a forum for tech interaction and webinars. He finished his tertiary education at the Federal University of Technology,  Imo State,  where he garnered more thirst for the tech world.

The tech whiz kid discovered bitcoin in February 2017 and traded for a while using various platforms.

In October 2018 , Odum Chijioke John founded the Chiji14xchange, which in no time became a leading crypto currency exchange platform in Nigeria.

Amongst others, his interests and hobbies include; creating, trading bitcoin, traveling and football.