April 9, 2020

Obesity a major risk factor for people with coronavirus — Epidemiologist

Obesity coronavirus risk factor

An obese child

The chief epidemiologist in France has said being overweight poses a major risk to people with the emerging coronavirus, and that the United States is particularly vulnerable to an outbreak of the virus due to high levels of obesity there.

Up to 17 million French, out of a population of 67 million, are at high risk of contracting Coronavirus due to age, chronic diseases or obesity, said Professor Jean-Francois Delphresis, who heads the “Scientific Council” that advises the government on the epidemic.

“This virus is terrible and can affect young people , especially those who are obese . Those who are overweight need to be really careful,” Delvrisi told Radio France Info radio.

He continued, “This is why we are concerned about our friends in America where the problem of obesity is well known, and where they are likely to face most problems due to obesity.”

Delfrisi said that 88% of those infected with the virus only had symptoms similar to the symptoms of severe influenza.

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He added that despite the rapid spread of the virus in France, the country is still far from reaching the point where between 50% and 60% of the population is infected and recovering. It is mentioned that at this point a certain level is reached, which is known as the “herd immunity” that protects society from the epidemic.

Corona virus has become more deadly in the city of New Orleans than in the rest of the United States, and according to doctors and public health officials and available data, high rates of obesity and associated diseases may be part of the problem in this city.

New Orleans residents suffer from obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure at rates higher than the United States average. Doctors and public health officials say these diseases may make patients more susceptible to infection with the Coronavirus.

Likewise in Mexico, where Rep. Hugo Lopez Gatel said Saturday that decades of bad food habits in the country have caused an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other related health problems and made the Mexican people more susceptible to the emerging coronavirus.

It is reported that the World Health Organization has said that people with diabetes and related health problems are among the people most at risk of developing severe cases of a highly contagious and sometimes deadly disease caused by the emerging coronavirus.