April 6, 2020

Musician Okal kicks her year off with ‘Spectacular’

Musician Okal kicks her year off with 'Spectacular'

Spectacula Is an up-tempo afro soul dancehall rhythmic tune Okal kicks her year off with this banger unleashing her sound from another pedestal .

It describes a lady that deserves more than just love in a symbiotic relationship that is meant to be eternal, Okal exercises the power of her vocals and the innocent-sound of the words she chooses to communicate confidence and subtly speak of her dominance and her emotions In “Spectacula”.

She is a queen but not one who forces you to pay homage but one that would refer you to the testaments given by other ladies who would have been her peer if they weren’t humbled by her aura which is quite rare to come by although her lover makes her experience this. You are guaranteed to enjoy this song which was produced by Hitmaker Cracker Mallo.