April 26, 2020

Meet Chris Jey: CEO, BMW promotion

Meet Chris Jey: CEO, BMW promotion

Christopher S. Jeyarajah better known as Chris Jey is a Sri Lanka born talent booker, event planner, marketer, and event promoter, who also lived in Iran and four other countries.

He owns an international music company known as ‘BMW Promotion’ or ‘BMW Promo’, which he founded in Toronto and has worked with a large number of recording artistes and DJ’s in Europe and North America.

Currently, he plans on getting into the African market, since the rise of Afro-beat and how it has taken the sound of nightclubs across the world.

I’m planning on aligning with Afro-beat, after my recent visit to Nigeria in January 2020, which has brought about another chapter on my journey. We need to look closely because something bigger is yet to be done this year by BMW Promo”, he said.

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Chris Jey is best known for introducing the likes of Notorious B.I.G., and Cardi B among others in Toronto on stage for the first time. He started his career after he moved to Canada, and according to him; he had a lot of fake friends because he drives a 40 thousand dollar BMW car while he was in High School which made some guy walk up to him to ask if he could throw a party.

After gaining prominence on the Canadian music industry, he decided to launch his company ‘BMW Promo’ as a result of his 40 thousand dollar BMW Car which brought about fake friends.