April 8, 2020

Landlord, wife slit tenant’s face over unpaid rent in Lagos

Landlord, wife slit tenant’s face over unpaid rent in Lagos
Oyiza Peter (L) and the landlord (R)

By Esther Onyegbula

Police Operatives are working hard to unravel who is responsible for the deep cut on the face of 37-year old woman, Oyiza Peter, who alleged that her landlord inflicted the injury on her, while the landlord agreed that he attacked her with a blade but there was no bloodstain on the said blade.

It was gathered that there was an altercation between the woman’s husband and the landlord, Ubasinachi Samson Ukwezor, at No, 78 Ikotun Egbe, Cele Bus Stop, Amudalatu area of Lagos, over expired rent earlier in the day.

Recounting how she was attacked by their landlord, the mother of two said that “our rent expired last month and we haven’t been able to raise money for payment yet. Before our rent expired, the landlord had already served us quit notice but we appealed to him to allow us to get another accommodation which he agreed”.

“However on March 29th, I was at home when I overheard my husband and the landlord quarrelling because the landlord brought a plumber to disconnect the tap to our flat. So I came out and to plead with my husband not to join issues with the landlord and he followed me inside.”

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Oyiza said hours later when the matter had died down that she went outside to fetch water, “on my way back after fetching the water, I felt an object hit my face and my arm which was spontaneously followed by the gushing out of blood.

“Unfortunately, when I looked back it was the landlord and his wife, Anulika Ubasinachi that attacked me from behind. Since I was attacked from behind, I cannot say categorically the object I was attacked with but the cut looked like one from a jackknife and that of a razor blade.

“Even though I was writhing in pains, I made sure I snapped pictures of the deep cut injury for record purposes. The deep cut had already been stitched and healing up gradually as I am taking my medication but the fact remains that the pain remains and a scar that will be left on my face will follow me to the grave”.

She disclosed that her husband Rowland, immediately, reported the matter at the Ikotun Police with the landlord arrested alongside his wife.

She added that they were detained, but later allowed to go with a stern warning to return after the COVID-19 problem.

“However at the Police Station, the landlord revealed that he attacked Oyiza with a blade which he presented at the station but there was no bloodstain on the said blade.”

But a source at the police station, who claimed he is not authorised to speak, said the police is already working to unravel how the woman sustained the deep cut.

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