April 7, 2020

Kaduna residents defy curfew, jog to keep shape

Bandits kill 23 in Kaduna villages

Some Kaduna residents have taken advantage of the State Government’s imposed 24-hour curfew to curb Coronavirus pandemic spread, to get their bodies in shape, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Some of them were seen on Tuesday by 6 a.m. Jogging and trekking while maintaining the social distancing restriction.

The residents who spoke in separate interviews with NAN said that exercise was the only way to keep in shape and maintaining their sanity while the curfew lasts.

Ms Jenifer Andrew, a banker said she goes out to jog or walk every morning in order to keep in shape.

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“This curfew has provided me the time to get outside my house to jog or walk,” she said.

A Gym Instructor, Mr. Michel Omale, said that with most of the gyms closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distance restriction, people were forced to jog outside.

“The Coronavirus pandemic is limiting where people can go to.

”Gyms can become crowded so people go outside the streets for more privacy or nowadays to observe and keep social distancing,” he said.

Omale said that people had been mindful of keeping the social distancing on the streets while jogging.

“As I am jogging, I see that when people come around congested areas they move to the other side of the road,” he said.

A resident in one of the Barnawa Estates, Mr. Ehis Emmanuel, who was riding a bike along Barnawa road, said that the number of people out on the streets exercising was the largest he had ever seen on a weekday.

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“With more hours left for people in a day, exercise is a sure way to maintaining our sanity.

”To occupy my mind and time, l decided to start biking every day for a round trip of six kilometers.

“I want to see how many kilometers I can cover on my bike before this coronavirus thing is over,” he said.

NAN reports that the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development had ordered immediate shutting down of sporting facilities within North West Zone of the state as a result of the fast-spreading Coronavirus.