April 30, 2020

Igbo leadership in shambles — Archbishop Chukwuma

Igbo leadership in shambles — Archbishop Chukwuma

Archbishop Chukwuma

Archbishop Chukwuma

By Chinedu Adonu

Archbishop of Enugu Province, Anglican Communion, Most Rev, Emmanuel Chukwuma had scored Igbo leaders low for being self centered and selfish, saying that the leadership is in shambles.

The Bishop, who spoke, yesterday, in Enugu, while privately marking his 30th anniversary as Bishop at   Bishop’s court, pointed out that until Ndigbo trust themselves and bring out somebody as their leader and trust him and he himself will know that a trust has been bestowed on him,   “we cannot move forward.”

While regretting the “extreme marginalisation of South East from Nigeria”, Chukwuma, who thanked God for his mercies on him, urged national assembly members of Igbo extraction to come together in one voice and fight for a common cause to move forward.

“The Igbo leadership is in shambles, they have not shown good leadership in the sense that   this is the only area where people don’t appreciate leadership.

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“We  don’t have respect for the elders. The Hausa and Yoruba will have a leader and follow their leaders but Igbo, it’s difficult to really get a leader to follow because either followers don’t have the trust or the leaders themselves are self centered and selfish. That is the problem.

“Until we are able to trust ourselves and bring out somebody who is a leader and trust him and he himself knows that a trust has been bestowed on him and try to be firm and sincere, we cannot move forward.

“Look at the politicians from the southeast who called themselves leaders, they have never come together to discuss about southeast and together fight for it.

“They are speaking individually. They don’t even come to their constituency to ask questions. Many  of us don’t even know them or see a House of Reps member coming to address us. It’s a shame.

“I glorify God today because I have legacies which I will be remembered with. I built a cathedral and bishop’s court in Bauchi and Enugu States respectively. I built St. Peter Cathedral in Gombe, hospitals and schools.

“I had a serious challenge when I was in Bauchi, when my church and parish house were burnt down by mobs. My  security man was killed and many other properties were destroyed. That was when I started building a cathedral and bishop’s court at the same time because I was living in a rented house. It was a very great task on me but with the help of  Gen. Danjuma, Gen. Useni and many of the Christian generals in the Army, I was able to accomplish it.

“In 1998, I was transferred to Enugu and was able get myself through from the conspiracy and challenges of achieving success by building a Bishop’s court, a cathedral and a congregation school “Bethel” at colliery quarters and created 12 Diocese  which are under me.”